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weekend revelries | collecting fruit

Collecting fruit is one of the beloved things I will be reveling in this weekend in San Diego. I am here for the Blogher conference and look forward to meeting many of you. Next week, I have a special project to share with you that I am working on while here (love top secret surprises!). Until then have a lovely summer weekend.

The photo above is your first sneak into this coming issue of Styled. magazine. Much more soon!

PS. Just for fun, I found this article on being a good 1950’s housewife and thought you might enjoy it. What do you think?!? I found parts of it really funny, some of it poorly out of date and a few parts encouragingly nice.


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  1. I love fruit boxes! And are those green heirloom tomatoes in there I see? I can’t wait to try them :)

    And that article is awesome! I loved the part about “…his boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it.” Ha! So cute!

  2. The 1950’s Housewife Guide is pretty hilarious and awesome. I think parts of it are actually things I need to get better at, you know – and things we both, honestly could be better at…being nicer when we first wake up and all of that. Other parts are just ridiculously sexist and outdated, thankfully. :)

  3. Oh Victoria, you and your “sneak peeks” and surprises! Can’t wait for all to be revealed.

    Have a great time and enjoy the “fruits of your labours” – sorry couldn’t resist!

    Stephie x

    PS love the hanging table in the previous post – gorgeous! x

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