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Baby’s Breath Flower Crown

Over the years we have produced hundreds of DIY projects. I love creating and sharing projects here – but one thing I’ve learned along the way is that no amount of crafting can ever replicate the beauty of nature. This baby’s breath flower crown shows the gorgeousness that can happen when the beauty of DIY and the beauty of nature decide to collide. Make one yourself and feel beautiful all season long.

baby's breath flower crown

The beauty of bold blue eyes, the beauty of a summer sunset, the beauty of a horse reined in… There is a great amount of beauty in our world, and while we are happy to contribute to it in our own small and crafty ways – the enormity of the beauty around us is stunning.

Jocelyn Noel is the photography credit line in many posts on our site over the last year. Jocelyn photographed our upcoming book, and has quickly become one of my favorite people to work with. All photographers have their own bent towards photos – Jocelyn can capture natural beauty in a way that is unmatched. She comes alive when shooting photos where naturally beautiful elements like his baby’s breath flower crown take front stage.

My dear Jocelyn was in an accident over the weekend. She is currently recovering in the hospital from major injuries. Please pray for her. Pray for a quick recovery. Pray for her to find beauty and comfort in the midst of pain.

These baby’s breath flower crowns showcase Jocelyn’s gorgeous take on natural beauty, and how amazing it is to combine natural beauty with a bright, festive project every now and then.

How to make a baby's breath flower crown

Baby's breath + peony flower crown

How To Make A Baby’s Breath Flower Crown

The baby’s breath flower crown is made by combining bunches of flowers together in a circle.

Although the concept is not original, I love the uneven weight of the peonies against the baby’s breath. The delicate wisp of one flower against the solid brightness of another is gorgeous. I’ve loved it in these Easter wreaths as well.

It brings a unique character to the crown. A beautiful balance for the ending of summer.

flower crown for horse

How to make a baby's breath flower crown for wedding

To make a similar baby’s breath & peony crown; it helps to have a length of floral wire to measure around the head.

1. Start by combing the greenery and baby’s breath around the floral wire, securing with floral tape as you go.

2. The best way to do this is by using bunches of 3-4 stems to secure together about every inch around the crown.

3. Once the greenery is set, begin adding in the flowers one stem at a time, secure the stem to the wire with the floral tape.

4. Finish the crown off with by winding the floral tape around the base one more time to secure everything in place.

gorgeous baby's breath flower crown

A floral crown that looks stunning for any occasion, because adding bright flowers is always the right thing to do.

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel).


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