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we’re hiring + a summer update

We reached a huge milestone this week – we finished production on the book that will be coming out next summer! It feels so good to have that HUGE project done, and I am crazy excited to share it with you (Do I really have to wait 9 months!?!). I feel as free as a bunch of balloons on the beach.

If you haven’t been following along – we’ve spent the last 3 months crafting and shooting for the book and I spent the last 2 weeks almost non-stop compiling and writing everything. Sitting at my computer, pinching myself to make sure this all wasn’t a dream. Our timeline was tight and I am beyond thrilled to have accomplished what seemed like such a huge undertaking.

Part of the book production this summer was making my first inroads at hiring employees. About a year ago I began working with contributors to produce content for this site. They are all still with us and as amazing as ever. We’ve hired a few more this fall and I know you’ll love them just as much! I work with each of our contributors individually as their creative director and am always astonished at how fabulous their projects are.

Besides that team, I also built a local team this summer and have had three amazing craft assistants working in my new home studio each week crafting and styling. The book has kept us all running at full speed. It has been pure bliss!

Now, we are prepping for a new season of blogging. Whenever we embark on a new season I get all excited and short of breath. Especially since this last year has been such a amazing ride. Can you tell I really do love what I do, and I so appreciate you!


And now to add another element to our team, I am hiring a part-time business development and marketing assistant. It is an hourly paid position + a bit of commission. I am hoping to find someone who has experience in business development and marketing (preferably with new media), but mostly what I want is someone who will come in excited to take the reins in some of the more businessy areas of this site and make-it-happen. I need a self starter, an organized goal maker, and someone who is as reliable as my right hand. And the best news, you don’t have to be local – HORRAY!

If you think that’s you (or if you know someone who might be the right fit) I will be accepting emails of the following for the position through the end of next week:

  • A short resume
  • A cover paragraph or video telling me why you’d be the best candidate
  • 2 references
  • Any samples of your work that might be notable for the position

Thanks for indulging me in a little update – I am stoked to jump into this next season refreshed and ready to do some serious blogging.

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