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what’s your definition of pretty?

One thing I’ve noticed being engrossed online for the last couple years is that everyone has their own definition of pretty. Often times I will come across an item I just don’t get, but everyone else seems to love. I’ve also noticed over time my own definition of pretty has changed in many ways (I now find much more beauty in simple lines) and in some ways it has not changed at all (from day one, it’s been all about pink around here). So in renovating my new studio space, I was pleased to step back and visit my own definition of pretty.

Here are a few words and finds from Fab that define the look of pretty I am hoping to achieve. If you’re not familiar with Fab yet, it’s a design curated online shop filled with hundreds of fresh, new products for whatever your definition of pretty might be. I wonder what your definition of pretty would include?


Easy florals | Pretty papers | Simple statements | Bright supplies | Organized living | Yellow pensTouches of Whimsy | Rustic Wares | Friendly somethings for the kids | Heritage pieces | Clean lines

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