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What’s In My Travel Bag

This post is done in partnership with Nature Valley. Find everything you need for your travel bag there.

I flew out to N. Carolina for work this week and before I left I grabbed all those last minute essentials that make traveling for work just a little bit easier. When we are on location, it is almost always for a particular video/photo shoot or to do something exciting with a brand. This time it is for a 2-day video shoot. It's an exciting project in the works and I've been sharing behind the scene snippets in my Instagram stories right here.

To make the transition, from home to across the country shooting, a little easier I make sure my bag is packed with everything I need.

I start with a VERY large bag, because traveling across the country is no place for a fuzzy clutch. ;) Instead, I use a vintage bowling ball bag that works perfect to hold a big scarf a couple good books and this list of essentials for blogging travel.

The NEW Nature Valley Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares are a great snack to have along the way. When I'm changing time zones my appetite gets all wonky and having a package of the Nature Valley Soft-Baked Filled Squares ensures I don't arrive all puffy from airplane food or completely hangry. They are easy to throw in my bag and something I know I can turn to whenever I need a quick pick me up because they are just the right amount of delicious. And available in both honey peanut butter filled and cocoa peanut butter filled options, I never get bored!

To fill a travel bag that will have you at ease from one side of the country to another, here is my shopping list of necessities (all found easily and affordably at Walmart!):

  • Nature Valley Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares (also be sure to check out their other new bars - almond or peanut butter chocolate Layered Granola Nut Bars! YUM!)
  • A bottle of Sam’s Choice water that I drink before security and fill up again on the other side, because empty water bottles don't stop the line.
  • A loofa to use at the hotel shower
  • A package of paper clips that have become my go-to travel aid. From securing a broken zipper, to connecting balloons together - paper clips can fix just about anything!
  • A pair of comfy slippers for putting on during the long flight across the country.
  • My new favorite wallet that can be pulled out of my bag to show ID quickly and looks like a million bucks.
  • A small notebook for jotting down ideas and inspiration since traveling is one of the best ways I know to hone my creativity.
  • Rainbow rubber bands and brush for perking up hair that's flattened by flying and a beanie for the off chance that that hair just doesn't want to stay.

What are your specific travel necessities? I actually try as hard as I can to travel for work as little as possible. ;) You would probably laugh to know the types of things I’ve done JUST to get out of traveling for work. I’d always much rather stay home in my yoga pants, but this year especially it seems like we have travel plans almost every month! Crazy.

At the end of the day, some things are just worth traveling for. At least I know I'll have tasty and wholesome snacks (thank goodness for Nature Valley) along for the trip. What necessities do you bring along for traveling across the country? Especially if you don't travel well, I'd love to know what helps.

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