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white board craft ideas wrapping paper

White board craft wrapping paper

I’ve been on the lookout for white board craft ideas and decided wrapping presents is the perfect way to use the material. I love presents. Always! I love them even more when they are wrapped with pretty thoughtful details.

Nothing is better than getting a sentimental note on a gift, a love note on a Valentine package, or a note of encouragement in the office. This fun white board wrapping allows notes to be written with ease. Just wrap and write for a thoughtful touch to gussy up any packaging.

White board wrapping paper

White board wrapping paper

White board craft ideas - wrapping paper!

DIY white board craft ideas - make wrapping paper

You can buy the white board paper right here in rolls. Use the rolls for so many different white board craft ideas like this genius one.

For the packaging; wrap an entire present with it, or wrap your box with pretty wrapping paper and stick small sections of the white board paper on top. Any markers will work, but there is something awesome about the streaky nature of white board markers to celebrate the start of anything in the new year.

DIY white board wrapping paper

White board wrapping paper

White board wrapping paper

Much like the hand font lettered wrapping paper that I love, a gentle spritz of hair spray from about a foot away will do wonders for holding the marker in place, and if you happen to mess up when writing these packages, well that is no worry, just use a paper towel (or white board eraser) to erase and repeat. A fool proof way to make your presents cute this year. Cute presents = great year!

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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