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why don’t we – bake triple berry swirl bread

Triple Berry Swirl Bread

Something about the morning’s recent chill is beckoning me towards baking. The garden berries are ripe and we have family coming in town this weekend – it’s the perfect chance to bake this gorgeous triple berry swirl bread.

The bread looks like one of those breakfasts you’d have to get up at 4am to start, but the recipe is actually super simple – see it right here. Doesn’t the idea of a comfy sweater, lingering breakfast, and sweet bread just sound perfect for this weekend?

While I gather the berries, here are a couple other baking recipes I want to try out soon:

Blueberry waffle cookies

Salted chocolate tart with kettle chip crust

5 bread recipes for fall

Red velvet beet cake

Creme brulee is my favorite – this version with lavender sounds amazing

Almond joy granola

Raisin whiskey buns

Red velvet funnel cakes

Still hungry? Try a treat from our recipe gallery, and hundreds more on the Sweets & Treats, or Food for Feasts Pinterest boards.

Have a cozy weekend.

(Photography by Athena Plichta)

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