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why don’t we – brighten up with candles

Happy Birthday Candles

Happy Friday! I am normally a huge fan of party candles, and after a week of evenings getting noticeably darker – I’ve found myself especially drawn to lighting them. I may have had 15 different candles lit throughout the house one night this week! Pretty sure I almost set the fire alarm off;)

Candles are the perfect way to brighten up anything from a cupcake to an entire room. So why don’t we brighten up the longer nights by building a collection of noteworthy candles?

Here are some of my favorite candles to buy and DIY:

Candles in pretty cups make a gorgeous statement for fall

Harvest rugby striped candlesor make them yourself, we did!

I love this Be Dazzling candle by Kate Spade

Glitter candles for a cake

Tapers in sand never get oldtry our festive version right here


Pretty party candles by the dozen

Painted concrete holders

Tea lights in wisks – very fun

PS. Short on time? You can turn almost anything into a candle – it is one of my favorite things to do. Try it yourself with nuts, fruit, colored pencils, wine corks and matches. Just please always be careful when wielding fire filled cakes. Happy lighting!

(Photography © Ina Peters/Stocksy United)

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