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Why don’t we… get silly

Birthday Marshmallow

I’ve been feeling flighty this week – in the silliest sense of the word. We have a lot going on behind the scenes – big changes, lots of movement. I don’t tend to do change well. Do you? Does anyone? I’m trying hard to take a deep breath and jump in, roll with the punches, be a player. But at the end of the week – I’m just ready to be silly.

To blow as hard as I can into a party horn… To roll a marshmallow in edible glitter and stick a candle on top… To do something… For no other reason then it makes me smile. Whatever your week was like, I imagine you need a moment to be silly too.

Let’s grab a marshmallow, glitter, a candle and light it up. All for the silly fun of revelry.

Also, I joined Snapchat! I will be sharing silly things over the next couple days to carry you through the weekend. Follow along asubtlerevelry to see.

(Photography © Melanie Riccardi/Stocksy International)

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