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Tips For Giving Bright Flowers

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas! If you are a mom, may you be loved and may your bright flowers be gorgeously collected this weekend. After years of longing, Mother’s Day is always such a special day for me and we are celebrating this year with the best gift ever… bright flowers!

Bright Flowers

Gifting and receiving bright flowers has been a traditional Mother’s Day ideal since its day one. Flowers don’t have to feel old fashioned, or be boring at all. One of my favorite things to do is to make a bouquet of bright flowers into a thoughtful gift. With all the pretty spring varieties available right now… it’s so easy.

Tips For Bright Flowers

Here are my 3 favorite ideas for gussying up a store bought bouquet of bright flowers…

1. Make the vase special

Buying a store gathered bright flowers bouquet can turn into a gorgeous table display by simply breaking the bouquet into its individual flowers, and placing them in vases.

Decoupage a pretty design onto the vases that will look great in mom’s living room even after the first batch of flowers is gone. Create a striking display with simple mason jars and paper folded into a polygon shapes, or make a gold frosted bowl that she will bring out for every special occasion. You can even get the kid’s involved making simple Washi tape Dixie cups vase – so cute!

2. Use the flowers creatively

One of the easiest ways to make store bought blooms look special is to pull them into a different use altogether. Present mom with a herb wreath she can use for cooking, accented with a few bright blooms. Make a floral necklace or a floral crown for her to wear throughout the day – she will feel really special.

3. Wrap the bouquet in style

I love opting for a big bouquet of the same flower. The bigger the better! If you’re shopping at a store like Trader Joe’s with cheap small bouquets, buy 2 or 3 of them at a time and wrap them together for an incredible display. It’s peony season… Hint, hint. ;) To wrap a gigantic bouquet use dip dyed paper bouquet holders, or scarf wrapped floral bouquet that mom can keep after the flowers are gone.

PS. Tips in creating pretty flower arrangements and see this interesting article about how flowers get their color.

(Photography in collaboration with ©Kristen Curette/Stocksy International).

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