school stickers


The twins are starting school on Monday. It may only be kindergarten, but their school goes up to sixth grade, and they will be eating in a real life cafeteria, and having homework that must be done on my computer, and I just about hyperventilated last night when their teachers said, “the kids will have weekly spelling quizzes throughout the year”. What!?!

It is exciting, overwhelming, and I couldn’t be more happy for them. For us all.

Back to school is one of my favorite events of the year – I love getting organized and ready for a new season. Having a cute planner is an important part of this process. Even if by school I mean… work next Monday! This year, the planner won my cutest planner of the year award. It includes the brightest, most fun stickers and a slew of amazing “to-do” lists.

While I fill in our fall calendar with ideas like cleaning my house in roller skates. Here are some other fun back to school ideas:

Our chalkboard cake and candy chalk will always be a fall favorite

Free download back to school poster, by Melanie Burk

Fruit stickers to fill a lunch with sweet notes

The best stapler for making my desk more fun this fall

School inspired nail art

Make traditional back to school schultutes for a festive first day

Back to schoool “about me” printables

Bright labels to make brown bags less brown

My favorite tennis shoes for fall + the party style board with loads of festive hair and outfit ideas for any fall party

Happy new school year!