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why don’t we – make a spooky drink

Eyeball Ice Cubes

As my kids get older, Halloween has become one of my favorite holidays. Not much beats the excitement of my kids this time of year – which is why I am jumping the gun a bit early, sharing this easy idea to spook up our drinks for the quickly coming Halloween season.

Store the idea for a couple weeks, or better yet, start the season now! Who says we have to wait until October to begin dreaming and playing with a little spooky fun?

Eyeball ice cubes are a fun, simple drink spook to try. Ice cubes have a fabulous work-vs-effect ratio. You can make them in less than 5 minutes and they always bring an awesome effect to the season (see my other favorite ice cubes right here). These spooky ice cubes are made by combining creepy Halloween eye balls, eatable fingers, and cranberry/orange juice blood cubes.

To make them – grab an extra ice cube tray and pick out a few small spooky elements from the Halloween candy aisle. Make a batch by filling the containers with the spooky surprises and water (or juice for the blood). They’ll keep in the freezer so you’ll be able to add spunk and spook to drinks all month long.

While I dream up more fun ice cube creations – here are my favorite spooky drink ideas:

Shirley Temple injection shots

Googlye eye cups

Gummy worm shooters

Candy corn punch that is perfect for parties

Monster eyeball straws

Candy spider cocktail

Octopus punch

This pumpkin pop super easy and sweet

Bat straws

Boo-nilla shake

Cheers to the weekend… hope it’s a tasty one!

(photography ©Beatrix Boros/Stocksy United).

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