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Let’s Make Homemade Champagne

Why don’t we make a batch of homemade champagne!?! I am a champagne lover!

Champagne pairs perfectly with celebrating and I love to celebrate! No matter how big or small, baby shower, wedding, new job, or just a good Friday!

Every day deserves celebrating and cheers!

I noticed this great tutorial a few weeks ago on homebrewing beer and I laughed at it. Being the seasoned craft beer lovers wife I am, I know a few things about beer. One is that you need hops to make it happen. I read on though. By golly, that’s not beer at all. Nope not beer, it is basically champagne. Champagne that you can make at home.

So of course, I immediately ran out, tweaked the recipe and made my own.

Make champagne at home!

How to make homemade champagne!

How to make homemade champagne ingredients

To make the homemade champagne you’ll need pure 100% juice.

The juice must be pure. It cannot have ANY preservatives in it, or the process will not work. We used 100% pure cranberry, pure organic carrot and fresh pressed pure apple juice to try this out (the carrot was by far my favorite!) You’ll also need active dry yeast and bottles with airtight seals.

How to make champagne at home with juice

The process is fairly simple. Pour the juice into the bottles (you can even use the juice bottle if the seal is tight enough). Add in 3/4 tablespoon of yeast for every liter of juice. Seal and store in a cool dark place for one to two weeks.

The active yeast will turn the natural sugars in the juices into alcohol and before you know it – you’ll have a sparkling, fruity drink. Pretty close to champagne.

Champagne mixed with the sweetness of juice.

Carrot champagne! Strawberry champagne! Basically, the sky is the limit!

Mimosas anyone?

DIY homemade champagne

In pretty bottles, the fun favors for a bridal shower or summer brunch party. The mixture I made was brought out again and again throughout the weekend and always received the same excited tasting from friends. The perfect BYOB beverage and an awesome way to kick off our first summer holiday weekend.

The fun doesn’t end here, here are a few tips in hosting a champagne party and our favorite food combos!


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