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why don’t we – toss a few honeycombs

Toss honeycombs on the table for an quick and festive party look

Hey, it’s Friday! Why don’t we toss a few honeycombs on the table.

Honeycombs have been a long time favorite of mine. From food picks, to wreaths they are one of my favorite products to work with.

I’ve been using honeycombs in much simpler ways these days. Just tossing a couple on the table for our weekend get togethers. A collection of 3-5 in different colors and sizes placed haphazardly around the table changes the entire feel of the space to festive and fun, without feeling overly done. Decorating could not be easier.

Intersperse the honeycombs with florals and simple linens and you’ll have a casual festive vibe for whatever your weekend guest list may be.


Toss honeycombs on the table for an quick and festive party look

Although you can buy honeycombs almost anywhere these days, here is my favorite resource to buy them online. If you’d rather DIY, check out our tutorial on how to make your own honeycombs.

Have you ever used honeycombs on the table? Mine have found their perfect resting spot on our long dining table… and on my shelves… and along the bookshelves. It is quickly turning into an obsession (EEK!) Happy weekend.

(Photography by Tina Fussell for A Subtle Revelry)

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