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The Cutest Printable Animal Masks for Kids

Inside: The cutest printable animal masks for kids.

It’s officially October and you know what that means, it’s time to start planning costumes! These cute printable animal masks are the perfect Halloween DIY. This fall DIY is such an easy and GREAT for the kids to help you make. Now let get to trick-or-treating, check out this super cute candy display! 

paper plate animal mask

Printable animal masks for kids

These printable animal masks templates can be downloaded for FREE and used to turn your little ones into beasts, birds, and even alligators. Last-minute… no worries. You’ve got this.

Printable elephant mask

Printable Animal Masks

All you’ll need to make these printable animal masks is colored paper, scissors, and a glue stick. Print out the Paper Plate Animal Mask templates below, trace then cut onto the paper color of your choice, and enjoy these wild animals all year long!

kid masks for halloween

Printable Flamingo mask

Flamingo Mask

For the flamingo mask print out the template by clicking above. Cut and combine the beaks and the body with a pair of pink leggings for an instant costume.

Printable deer mask

Deer Mask

This deer is definitely a favorite that we will be pulling out to play with throughout the year. Print out the template by clicking above. Layer the eyes, nose, ears, and antlers for a new dress-up favorite.

DIY Printable Zebra Mask

Zebra Mask

The Zebra’s template is pretty simple, just add black lines and the nose. Print by clicking above, add a black and white outfit for Halloween fun. This has to be one of my favorite printable animal masks!

Printable alligator mask

Alligator Mask

To make the alligator, print and then fold the mouth up for a textured animal mask. You could plan an entire kid’s party around this simple animal mask!

Printable elephant mask

Elephant Mask

This elephant is so fun! Trace the ear twice, then cut and glue for a wildly adorable dress-up look.

cute halloween kids masks

These printable paper plate animal masks for kids are a simple way to create a fun play on Halloween or really any day! To string around the head, punch a hole in each side of the masks and string a ribbon through, or hot glue the mask to a wooden dowel for a look that can pop up and back down whenever the need arises.

PS. More homemade Halloween costume ideas. Happy dressing up!

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