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wooden ball candlesticks

DIY Wooden Ball Candlesticks at

One of my favorite ways to decorate for the holidays is with candles. The simple shapes and gorgeous light they bring makes any room a place to gather this season. I also adore that a room can be transformed – especially at the last minute, with candles. If Christmas seems to have snuck up on your this year (one week until it’s here!), these simple wooden candlesticks can be made in about 20 minutes and will make your table, mantel, windowsill or room look like a million holiday bucks!

For the best light, I’d arrange these wooden ball candlesticks with a selection of tea lights and larger pillar candles. Add in a few sprigs of evergreen for a last minute centerpiece you’ll love. The candlesticks are also a nice hostess gift or festive present for a friend who loves to entertain. Make double when creating them and have a set  on hand to share for any last minute present needs this week.

DIY Wooden Ball Candlesticks at

DIY Wooden Ball Candlesticks at

To make the wooden ball candlesticks, you’ll need a bag of wooden balls from the local craft store (purchase the ones pre-drilled for crafting to make the project easier), wood glue, a bag of wooden blocks, and bright colored skinny candles (look in the cake section for a fun selection of these).

DIY Wooden Ball Candlesticks at

Start by combining the balls in a line for the height of the candlestick you’d like. Use a small dab of wood glue and hold each ball together, hold for 2 minutes while the glue dries (about the length of a Christmas song). Next, glue the stack of balls to the wooden block with another dab of the wood glue, hold in place while drying. Set the candlesticks to the side and let dry fully, per glue bottle instructions. Finish off with bright candles, and enjoy a holiday gathering by candlelight that can take your tables stylishly through the holidays and into the New Year.

Happy one week until Christmas day! See here for more last minute Christmas ideas.

Photography done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.

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