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Wooden Stenciled Placemats

Craft these graphic stenciled wooden placemats to bring modern warmth to your holiday table. The placemats are simple and can be designed in any color palette you choose.

Make the placemats by first downloading the PDF right here. Print onto a sheet of adhesive printer paper. Using an X-acto knife and cutting mat, carefully cut out the design.

Make sure the wooden placemats are clean before peeling off the backing of your stencil and sticking it in place. Make sure it’s well stuck. Then paint each element of the stencil in your desired colors – 2 or 3 coats might be required. Work fairly quickly; it’s best to peel the stencil off when the paint is still a little wet.

Carefully peel the stencil off and allow the paint to dry fully (overnight if possible). Once it’s dry, you can opt to coat the placemat in a clear wood sealer to make it more durable.

Project by Claire Dalgliesh for A Subtle Revelry, The Holiday Issue.


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    • Carli, thanks! The placemats were just sheets of MDF that I got from the craft store.. they could also be available at any large hardware stores too, but I’m not sure of anywhere online that has them. Hope that helps.

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