Would You Rather? Christmas Edition

Whether you’re a child, teenager or adult, Would You Rather is a hilarious and fun game for all ages – and you only need to talk to play! It’s an easy way to round everyone up and enjoy some holiday celebrations without any extra equipment or confusing rules. After all, everyone knows how to play!

And since it’s the most festive time of the year, we have the Would You Rather Christmas edition. Here we have some of the best and most mind-probing festive questions, including ones for kids, adults, and all of the above! Each category has twelve questions – for the twelve days of Christmas of course.

Would You Rather family playing

Would You Rather? Christmas Edition Questions For Everyone

These questions are great to use while everyone’s waiting for the family Christmas feast to begin, or just after eating. They’re an excellent way to fill in time when everyone is relaxing and basking in the Christmas glow.

  1. Would you rather be a child or grandparent during the Christmas holidays?
  2. Make snow angels or go ice skating?
  3. Get only one big gift or 10 small gifts?
  4. Be the only person giving gifts on Christmas, or the only one receiving them?
  5. Wrap 50 presents or decorate 50 Christmas trees?
  6. Only be able to watch Christmas movies, or only be able to listen to Christmas music?
  7. Say ‘Happy Holidays!’ or ‘Merry Christmas!’ to a stranger?
  8. Spend an entire day cooking a Christmas meal, or an entire day cleaning up afterward?
  9. Experience a Christmas celebration 100 years in the past, or 100 years in the future?
  10. Spend Christmas with your whole family, or your three favorite famous people?
  11. Celebrate Christmas once a month, or once a decade?
  12. Spend a whole day Christmas shopping or a whole day watching Christmas movies?

Would You Rather? Christmas Questions For Adults

Here are some of our more raunchy and riotous adult-themed Christmas questions, for the grown-ups only!

  1. Be spending Christmas at home or on vacation?
  2. Hang mistletoe in the bedroom or the kitchen?
  3. Only eat fruit cake every day for a week, or only drink eggnog?
  4. Be naughty or nice?
  5. Be gifted money for Christmas, or gifts?
  6. Get way too tipsy at your work Christmas party, or the family Christmas dinner?
  7. Do 30 shots of eggnog, or snort some crushed-up candy canes?
  8. Give or get a lap dance at the office Christmas party?
  9. Your kids put up all the Christmas lights, or take out and decorate the tree?
  10. Work as a mall Santa over the holiday season, or a bartender?
  11. Do a Secret Santa for a person who’s really hard to shop for, or get a Secret Santa gift from someone who is terrible at choosing gifts?
  12. See mommy kissing Santa Claus, or kiss him yourself?

Would You Rather? Christmas Questions For Kids

After presents have been unwrapped, gather the kids around the Christmas tree and keep them entertained with these child-friendly Would You Rather? questions.

  1. Watch Home Alone, Elf, Or Nightmare Before Christmas?
  2. Have snow every day in December, or not at all?
  3. Sing carols around your neighborhood on Christmas eve, or bake Christmas cookies for all your neighbors?
  4. Open your presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning?
  5. Know all the gifts you’re going to get before Christmas day or be surprised?
  6. Be an elf helping Santa or a reindeer pulling his sleigh?
  7. Be The Grinch or be friends with The Grinch?
  8. Ride on Santa’s sleigh or on the Polar Express?
  9. Have a day-long snowball fight or no snowball fights at all?
  10. Only be able to drink hot chocolate for a day, or only be able to eat sugar cookies?
  11. Leave cookies and milk for Santa, or carrots for his reindeer?
  12. Wrap all the Christmas presents for your family, or pack away all the decorations after Christmas?

Christmas Would You Rather? Tips and Tricks

Would you rather tips and tricks

Playing Would You Rather games on Christmas day is about more than just asking each other random questions. Adding some structure and different elements is a surefire way to keep things entertaining and to keep your participants engaged. Here are our top tips on how to manage a few rounds of Would You Rather under the mistletoe.

Print Out Cards

We recommend printing (or writing) all of your questions on individual cards, and even laminating them if you get the chance. Using a piece of paper or single screen doesn’t encourage participation as well as having individual cards that can be passed around.

Take Turns

Make sure to pass out some of the cards to each participant, and ensure that everyone gets a turn to answer questions. If people miss out on either they will be quicker to lose interest and wander off. It’s simpler than it sounds – just get everyone in a circle and let each person in the order of the circle ask a question that everyone in the group must answer.

Make The Order Random

The best way to play is by putting all of your cards into a hat (or even better, a small Christmas stocking!) and having each person choose a card when it’s their turn to read aloud. It adds a little more anticipation and fun to the game since even the reader won’t know what to expect!

Give People A Time Limit

A time limit helps move the game forward, as it stops people from um-ing and ah-ing and dragging their feet on, particularly tricky questions. It also puts pressure on, which makes the game more tense and exciting.

Let People Make Up Their Own Questions

This is especially important for kids since it allows them to flex their creativity – not to mention, no one knows what kids like as much as they do. And even for adults, impromptu questions add an extra layer to the game and encourage deeper involvement and attention.

Plus the made-up questions are almost guaranteed to get the most laughs!

Christmas is all about spending precious time with your loved ones, which makes Would You Rather games a perfect way to spend part of the day. Not only will they get everyone together, but they’ll help you and your friends and family to learn more about each other and understand each other’s perspectives a little better.

If that’s not getting into the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what is! For more festive games, Christmas-themed fun, and plenty of other ideas for the holidays, check out more of our DIY games:

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