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Wrap it Up: Wooden Gift Tags

These wooden gift tags naturally work to take presents up a notch. They are simple to make and the look gives even the simplest of packages a more festive appearance. Perfect for a natural Christmas look.

To make the tags you will need Balsa wood (1/16 inch thickness, any width and length), a craft knife, shipping tags in various sizes, hole punch, rubber stamps (transparent stamps work best), an ink pad, ruler with a slide resistant backing, such as cork, works best, self healing cutting mat or any surface you do not mind cutting into, a pencil and fine point sharpie markers.

Using a pencil, trace the outline of the shipping tag onto a piece of balsa wood. Place the wood on a self healing surface and cut out the tag using the craft knife and ruler as your guide. Punch a hole using a hole punch (any size will do). For the fun part, stamp away! Anything you would like! Pro tip: Practice a design on a scrap piece of paper before you commit to your piece of balsa wood.

Using a fine point Sharpie marker, write text or a message if you would like but totally optional. Use the wooden gift tags as postcards, attached to a bouquet of flowers, or package up Christmas gifts.

Project and photos by Jennifer Prince for A Subtle Revelry issue two, Styled. – the art of Autumn Merrymaking.


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