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wreath wrapped gifts for creatives

Wreath topped presents

We don’t normally do much in the way of gift guides here at A Subtle Revelry, mostly because there are always way too many holiday DIY’s I am dying to share. This year I will be posting a couple different gift ideas. There are a few products to buy and a few details to make that I like too much not to share. Hope the gift ideas and the festive crafty elements (that will obviously be included!) are helpful to you this season.

The first gift idea I am excited to share is a simple combination. The idea is to encourage the creatives on your gift list to take an art break! Plumb Notebooks came up with the idea of #artbreak to encourage people to take a few minutes out of their day to stop and create art. Writing, sketching, planning for posts… whatever art looks like. A gorgeous notebook and a few supplies can become a beloved a gift of expression this year.

pipe cleaner wreath present topper

A few of my favorite notebooks for gifting are this dotted book which is awesome for writing, a large yellow notebook that has huge pages with various paper options for sketching, and a gorgeously backed green notebook that looks great left out on the coffee table all year long.

As an extra touch to the gifting; every #artbreak sketch posted results in Plumb donating $1 to the nonprofit 826 National. Give for good! Here is a 20% off Plumb product code just for us: Type in REVELRY20 at check out to grab a notebook and give the gift of an art break this season.

DIY wreath present topper from pipe cleaners

ribbon and wreath topped presents

No matter what I am gifting, wrapping it creatively is always an important part. While using one of the notebooks to sketch a few blog ideas, I came up with this easy pipe cleaner present topper. To make the wreath present toppers; take two glittered pipe cleaners and wind them together. Top with a thick ribbon and small note of holiday cheer.

Stock pile notebooks, pencils, paints, coffee gift cards and other creative elements to give an #artbreak moment – a fabulous gift for creatives.

Sketching wreath topped presents

PS. More holiday wrapping ideas right here!

This post is produced in promotional partnership with #artbreak – an initiative I strongly believe in. Read more about the campaign right here.

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