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XProject VS-2163 Professional Vacuum Sealer Review

Quick Overview






  • Can package bags more than one at a time
  • Keeps your food five times fresher
  • Saves time with its fast sealing time
  • Suitable for Sous-vide
  • Can package food in multiple ways


  • Made out of plastic

Do you want to make your food last longer? Are you tired of food spoiling in your fridge? Do you want to stop wasting money on containers that do not even keep your food fresh?

If, like me, your tired of having to throw away spoiled food, then I have the perfect solution. Get a vacuum sealer. There are a lot of brands and models to choose from but ​the XProject VS-2163 Professional Vacuum Sealer ticks all the boxes, ​it claims to be one of the best vacuum sealers ​available.

​I'm sure your aware of what a vacuum sealer does but just to make sure, a vacuum sealer extends the storage time and freshness of food by letting you portion out your food in vacuum sealed bags. It is a great tool. I especially like that you can take advantage of​ bulk deals at the local shop and then​ portion it out in sealed ​packages to keep ​it from spoiling​. ​

​I don't know how I survived without one. It has ​become an invaluable tool in my kitchn saving me time and money, plus my freezer has never been so organized.

XProject VS-2163 Professional Vacuum Sealer

XProject is a Chinese brand that specializes in manufacturing home appliances while keeping the customer’s demands in mind. They have immersion blenders, Sous-vide technology, and vacuum sealers. They provide 12 months warranty with all their products as well as lifetime support to all their customers.

Let us look into their popular product: the XProject VS-2163 Professional Vacuum Sealer.


The things you'd expect from this product include:

  • Content

With each purchase, you get the vacuum sealer machine plus ten vacuum bags, a user manual, and a bag cutter.

  • Built

To begin with, this sealer is made up of durable engineered ABS material. This is a high-quality thermoplastic polymer that makes sure that your device works for a long time.

Since it is made up of plastic, this vacuum sealer is quite lightweight. It weighs only around 3.7 pounds, which makes it easier to maneuver around the plastic bag.

Additionally, with dimensions of 13.77 x 5.5 x 2.9 inches, it can be stored easily without taking up much space. Moreover, the bags are reusable as well as waterproof. This helps to preserve the freshness and color of food, along with being durable and hygienic.

  • Specifications

This device preserves the freshness of your food by sealing it in a vacuumed bag. It does so by reducing air through its pump, which has a total power rating of 120W and a vacuuming power of -0.8 bar.

With a heating power of 93W, it then seals the bag to prevent the growth of molds and bacteria. This protects the taste of your food, its texture, and even its appearance.

Along with all this, XProject Vacuum Sealer saves a lot of time by sealing the bags in six to ten seconds maximum. It also has a suctioning strength of 12 liters per minute. This increases the efficiency in the kitchen and allows you to organize your refrigerator in no time.

  • Multiple Packaging

Since this sealer has a working width of about 30 centimeters, you can seal more than one bag at a time. It is very convenient and practical to place them side by side and let the sealer pump them together. Hence, you get to save your time and increase efficiency in the kitchen.

  • Operation

Firstly, this device has been manufactured to be user-friendly. Secondly, you can use it to seal your food in two ways.

The first way includes the use of a vacuum seal roll to make your own bag. Simply cut enough material from the roll and then, place the sealing end on the sealing strip.

Lower down the gasket while making sure that the bag has not covered the air inlet. After this, press down on the strip until you hear two locking sounds. Finally, press the seal button.

The second method involves the use of custom-made bags. Just leave two inches at the end into the vacuum chamber and press down firmly. Then, press the button for vacuum and seal.

  • Sous Vide Capability

This vacuum sealer allows you to cook your food by a particular method, the sous-vide. Essentially, this word means "under vacuum."

The device enables you to pre-season and to seal your edibles in a vacuum bag. Thus, you get evenly cooked food without any mess and frying or grilling.

  • Hose Port

XProject Vacuum Sealer also comes with a hose port. Even though the package does not include a hose attachment, you can purchase one which is compatible with your device.

You can use this attachment to create a vacuum in sealed cans, jars, wine stoppers, and more. This allows you to lock in delicious flavors in lesser time compared to waiting for days just to get the same taste.

Furthermore, you do not have to purchase additional containers for this purpose. You can conveniently use those available in your kitchen.


Overall, this vacuum sealer offers you the freshest food for a long time. With its high sealing power and quick sealing time, you get the tightest seal in the least time possible. You also get the option to seal multiple packages at one time via different methods.


Since there are multiple varieties of vacuum sealers available in the market, it can be hard to opt for one. To get rid of your confusion, we have compared XProject Vacuum Sealer VS2163 with the Seal-A-Meal Manual Vacuum Sealer System.

Firstly, both the devices are made of plastic instead of durable metal. However, Seal-A-Meal takes up a larger footprint compared to XProject, which has a compact design. The XProject sealer is also heavier than its competition, which gives it more stability while packaging up food.

Secondly, VS2163 has two locking clips to hold the bag between the sealing strip safely. It also comes with ten sealing bags along with each device. For Seal-A-Meal Vacuum Sealer, you only get four bags and need to purchase extra for further use.

Another important difference is that the XProject sealer is compatible with hose attachments. You can use it to create a vacuum in household containers and preserve food in them for a longer time. Also, it is suitable for Sous-vide cooking.


Although both the sealers have similar price and features, XProject Vacuum Sealer still triumphs over the Seal-A-Meal unit. It has more functions and safety options, along with a smaller footprint and stable design. What is more important is that it is faster and can be used to cook a popular cooking method known as Sous-vide.

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