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Yarn Flowers- a tutorial

Knotted in love is the theme for a bridal shower we will be hosting soon. Here is a sneak peak at what I have been working on for the special day.

Yarn flowers…

Placing bouquets of these around the room will bring a fabulous dose of color to our little soiree plus they are cheap, easy, and eco-friendly! I spray painted thrifted bud vases to showcase the groupings of flowers.

Make your own yarn flowers

Materials for small yarn flowers:

A small (1 inch) foam floral ball, you can find them in packs of 12 at local craft stores.
Wrapped floral wire

Instructions for small yarn flowers:

Glue one end of the yarn to your foam ball.
Begin wrapping the yarn around the ball, wrap in sections to keep the coverage even.
Continue wrapping until the whole ball is covered.
Stick a piece of floral wire into the bottom of each ball to make a flower, cut down to size as needed.

I promised they would be easy! Easy enough to make hundreds for your next party but also simple enough to make just one bunch to brighten a rainy summer afternoon.


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