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YAY candle cake

Talking candle cake topper

Making birthdays special doesn’t have to be difficult… Create simple words with basic candles for a cake that is bursting with festive fun! There’s nothing better than a cake made to say what you want (try spelling a word out inside a cake too). These melted candle letters quickly make the top of a party cake chatty and bright.

YAY candle cake topper

DIY YAY candles



To make the talking cake candles, start with glue dots and regular cake candles. A pack of 12 will make this YAY cake topper.

Write the word out with the candles laying down and join each candle with a glue dot or two.  Make sure the wick part of the candle stays on top of the letter so you can light them.

Stick in the cake, light up, and blow out your candle message!

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Laurel Stavros).

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