As you may know, going to college for most kids is usually their first time away from family and the first time they have more adult responsibilities, and it’s easy for them to go a little crazy.

Keg party is a humorous attempt at helping college kids navigate the balance of going crazy and visiting all the keg parties as well as managing to actually study.

The site is full of tips and tricks to help students have fun but to do so in as responsible a way as possible.

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The first time the world saw keg party was back in December 2000, and the site kept it’s late ’90 / early 2000’s vibe for it’s entire run, using a lurid yet fun bright yellow as it’s base.

The site joined the family on the 19th May 2022.

Content Type

The core content was focused over only a few pages:

  • Drinking Tips – tips to help you have fun but responsibly.
  • Drunk? – sage advice about staying safe while drunk, such as “losing” your keys to avoid drunk driving.
  • Hangover – tips on avoiding a hangover in the first place as well as what to do when hungover.
  • College Resources – A lit of links to various other sites to help people find their peers, as well as information about college.
  • Dating Board – a page that was intended for a forum style dating board that never seemed to get off the ground.

The site wasn’t monetized as such but it looks like the had a deal going with various term paper sites.

The Keg Party site had some genuinely good hearted ideas to help students not fall into the blackhole of heavy drinking at college which sadly was and is a fate a lot of people end up in.