awkward dinner party conversation

Dinner parties are the best … well, unless they are awkward – then they are the worst! I really enjoy having ideas for conversation starters when we sit down with a big group. Usually, I just have a couple thoughts in my head to get things going, but I also love the idea of putting little conversational starters out on the tables. To help us all out, I designed this PDF with eight fun questions to get the conversation going.

They can be pinned up for something big (like a wedding), or folded in half on the table for a smaller dinner party. They are some of my favorite questions to ask, and usually elicit a quick response. What are your favorite dinner party questions? Leave a comment with your favorite and I will answer the best questions later this week!

Photography in collaboration with Erin Holland.

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Posted September 24, 2012
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3 Responses to “awkward dinner party conversation”

  1. corrie anne says:

    Those are ADORABLE!!! I love little prompts like that.

  2. Amanda says:

    i love this idea! i’m going to do this for our housewarming dinner party. thanks!