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Easy to Make Paper Palm Leaves

Inside: Easy to Make Paper Palm Leaves

Who else is loving the trend of palm leaves, pampas grass, and greenery? I know I am! My obsession with naturals and earthy textiles could *almost* be overboard, almost! There is just one problem. As much as I love having plants scattered throughout my home, I am still working on growing my green thumb. Making it difficult to keep those beautiful green leaves alive for long. Now, I am not totally failing, but it’s still a work in progress.

This is why I love these easy-to-make paper palm leaves. They the perfect amount of planty goodness without the worry of dying in a couple of weeks. I have been making these and adding them to vases to create a fun natural vibe.

DIY Paper Palm Leaf

Recently I helped a friend of mine with a sweet virtual baby shower and we created these paper palm leaves to scatter throughout the balloon garland for that perfect boho theme. It was adorable! (Still sad we didn’t take photos, I should totally know better!!)

There are so many ways to use these fun paper fans, and since they are so easy to make you can use them for everything! Okay, okay, enough chit chat, let me show you how to do them yourself.

How to Make Paper Palm Leaves

First, you need to gather up your supplies:

  • Scrapbook Paper – I suggest using paper that is either colored or printed on both sides. Check options here.
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue (Good deals here)
  • Our Paper Palm Leaf Template
  • OPTIONAL: Paper Scorer – This thing is the BOMB! I got this a couple of years ago and love using it for card making and scoring paper. It’s not totally necessary for this project but it’s helpful.

paper craft supplies

Here are the easy steps to make this fun papercraft:

  1. Start by printing off and cutting out our Paper Palm Leaf Template
  2. Trace the template on your favorite scrapbook paper. I also suggest using thicker paper to help the paper leaf stand straight.

How to make paper palm leaves

3. Cut out your shape and score lines from the top of the shape to the bottom about .5inch part.

4. Fold your cutout, just like you do to make paper fans, accordion-style.

paper craft instructions

5. Now use glue or tape to scrunch up the bottom of the leaf and secure it together.

6. Cut slits from the top of the folds to the middle of the leaf. This creates that palm leaf look.

7. Either attach to a stick to put in a vase or use it to decorate a space!

palm leaf diy

Paper Palm Leaf Printable

Download, print, and use this printable to create all your fun paper fan projects!

Click Here: Palm Leaf Template

Paper Template


More Paper Palm Leaf Ideas

Like I said earlier there are tons of ways to use these paper palm leaves.

DIY Paper Palm Leaf

  • You can attach them to a stick to create fun sprays for a flower arrangement.
  • Add to a balloon garland for a fun boho look.
  • Create a paper palm leaf garland by stringing them together.
  • Embellish a sign or frame.

I also create a few different shapes to give more texture and variety. Simply cut different leaf-like shapes, but still fold and glue like normal, you can create a whole new look.

DIY Paper Palm Leaf

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(Photos @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray)