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best week ever | bright summer flowers

best week ever | bright summer flowers

I am excited to welcome a new series today: based my favorite VH1 show, Best Week Ever! To see all the inspiration, projects and ideas simply click through the slide-show pages below. Happy weekend.

I recently spent a sweet morning with this girl and these peonies and was reminded how refreshing a bundle of bright flowers can be in the hot summer sun. Bright, bold flowers, congrats- no matter what you are made of, you are having the best week ever!

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  1. Stephie

    13 July

    Lovely! I enjoyed your post about important things too! Congrats on your new job and a happy weekend to you, Stephie x

  2. Marion

    15 July

    I just love peonies ! It can make fabulous bunches. This pic is very cute :)

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