glitter ice cubes

Glitter ice cubes

After yesterday’s glitter crafting party, I have one more sparkly thing to share – glitter ice cubes!

They might be my favorite new party element for always and forever!

We served sparkling champagne and sparkling water during the glitter party in glasses filled these glitter ice cubes. The frozen cubes of awesome gave our drinks a festive and sparkly vibe. They’ll be amazing to use for birthday parties and any one of the quickly upcoming holidays.

Glitter ice cubes for sparkling cocktails.

glitter ice cubes

edible glitter ice cubes

To make the glitter ice cubes, first made a batch of ice cubes. Once they are completely frozen tap various colors and textures of edible food glitter onto the ice cubes. Do not add more water. Then re-freeze the ice cubes for a couple hours to ensure the two substances adhere tightly.

I figured this method out after a failed try in adding the glitter to the unfrozen water. It just ends up dissolving and coloring the water (not adding sparkle). However, if the cubes are frozen before, the glitter will stick right to the bottom and you’ll be left with a gorgeously hued surprise for serving drinks at your next shindig.

Glitter ice cubes and cocktails

Once the drinks are poured the ice cubes will melt and the glitter will become a part of your cocktail, adding a little taste of sweet sugar and a massive dose of colorful, sparkly fun! Happy glitter filled drinking.

(Photography by Erin Holland for A Subtle Revelry)

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glitter crafting party

Glitter lined cake

There’s always time for a glitter party! In the midst of our crazy fall, Delta Faucet asked me to participate in their #HappiMess campaign and throw a party. When I combine the words happy and mess, the only thing I can think of is glitter.

So I planned an after school glitter party – we made our own DIY glitter bobby pins, ate an edible glitter cake, the moms enjoyed sparkling drinks, there were taffy filled glitter favor bags, and we has a blast making the most beautiful and happy mess.

DIY glitter bobby pins

Glitter party!

Glitter party

Glitter lined cake

Glitter lined cake

Edible Glitter Striped Cake

The glitter cake was a huge hit! It’s an easy way to make a festive, bright statement at a party. I purchased a plain white frosted cake; if you call your local bakery they should be able to make one without any frills like this for you.

To make the glitter stripes, buy a selection of edible glitter from the craft store baking section. I was pleasantly surprised at the great colors that have evolved with this fun product. If you’ve never used edible glitter before, it is easy to use and tastes like sugar (we also love creating our own).

Cut strips of wax paper and lay them straight down on the cake, I pushed the paper gently with my finger against the frosting to hold it in place. Then sprinkle the edible glitter making a pretty cake filled with sparkling stripes. Repeat the laying of the wax paper and sprinkling of glitter across the top of the cake. We let our stripes dissolve on the side for an artistic look, but you could easily wrap the paper around the sides to continue to straight-ish lines down the sides of the cake. The lines won’t be perfect (it is glitter after all!) but the look is stellar and crazy simple to create.

Glitter Stripe Cake

Glitter favor bags

Glitter party

diy glitter barrettes

DIY glitter bobby pins


For our craft (because all good play dates need some sort of crafting involved) we had everyone make glitter bobby pins. With my kids in uniforms this year, we are always searching for ways to add sparkle and punch to their outfits. These bobby pins, inspired by are an awesome way to bring the sparkle and you can make a huge lot of them really affordably.

To make the glitter pins, gather bobby pins from your local dollar store. Purchase a couple different pin shapes to make sure everyone has a couple pins they love. Use an adhesive medium – we used Mod Podge to layer on the bobby pins (leave them on the cardboard for this part). Next sprinkle craft glitter over the pins and allow to dry for about 5 minutes. Carefully remove the pins from the cardboard before they dry completely. Finish them off with a light spritz of spray adhesive to hold the glitter firmly in place. Allow the glitter pins to finish drying before gently tapping to remove excess glitter and placing into hair.

Delta Faucet

Between the glitter cake and the glitter pins we had ourselves quite the glitter mess! Thankfully my new Delta Faucet can turn on without even pulling the handle! It is amazing! All that’s needed is a touch of the faucet to turn it on – I can even do it with my elbow or tongue (because of course we tried it with our tongue:).

It is great for a hand filled with messy glitter frosting which happens more often than you’d imagine. The faucet head is large enough to clean out a sink filled with glitter and sticky (because they stepped right in the Mod Podge) feet. I’m honestly in love with this new faucet and the ease it is bringing to my daily party clean up scene.


Delta Glitter party

Delta_AP_Logo (1)

Why do people treat mess like it’s a bad thing? It’s actually the evidence of a life well lived. When you’re out there making, creating, doing and playing, embrace your #HappiMess and let Delta kitchen and bath innovations help clean up so you can do it all again tomorrow.

Compensation was provided by Delta. The opinions expressed and excitement are all mine. Thanks for supporting our site sponsors!

(Photography by Erin Holland for A Subtle Revelry).

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octopus dinner party

Octopus dinner party recipe

Fall is the season for dinner parties! We love the daily revelry that comes from inviting friends in from the chill to enjoy dinner together. There is something about sharing a meal that always leaves me filled with joy. Since it is almost October, I’m planning on hosting a grown-up Halloween dinner party.

While looking for something that would be spooky, but in a more refined version – I stumbled on an old family recipe for cooking octopus. Octopus! It’s awesome, unique, and just original enough to give it that little spook I am aiming for. When served on a plate of greens, this simple prep dish (anyone could make it) becomes a gourmet treat that will tun your next dinner party into dinner-awesome!

How to cook an octopus

How to cook an octopus

To cook an octopus for your next dinner party you’ll need; a fresh, or frozen octopus, large pot for boiling water, one large onion coarsely chopped, 1 lemon cut in quarters, 3 bay leaves, 2 carrots, a bunch of parsley chopped, 1/2 a cut up leek, 1 cup white wine, salt and peppercorns.

Start by boiling the water with the aromatics, salt, and peppercorn. Bring to a heavy roiling boil, then simmer for 20 minutes to fully allow the broth to combine. Bring back to a heavy roiling boil.

Using a pair of tongs hold the octopus and submerge it fully in the water for 5 seconds before removing. Do this 4 times.

After searing, add the white wine and turn the heat to medium high. Drop the octopus in the water. Cook for 10 minutes per pound or until octopus is tender enough to pierce with a fork. Allow to dry and cool for 5 minutes before cutting the tentacles off and serving with sauteed arugula and other greens.

Octopus dinner party recipe

Along with serving a creative and fun dish, here are a few other ways I’m making our dinner parties easy on me and great for my guests this season:

  • Placing fresh herbs in large glasses around the room.
  • Always having a fresh baguette of bread and cheeses out when guests arrive – this tends to make everyone feel at home.
  • Using new quirky dish towels in place of fabric napkins to give every place seating its own fun touch.
  • Making sure I have an easy craft project on hand that the kids can do once excused from the table, so that the adults can linger and chat.


And the best tip I’ve learned recently for amazing dinner party prep is to clean as we go! It makes my kitchen feel less chaotic and helps the after dinner lingering to not be hampered by dishes screaming my name.

The Electrolux Stainless Steel Dishwasher with IQ-Touch™ Controls (EI24ID50QS) is a perfect dishwasher to have for this easy dinner party tip. It has a unique third top tier that is perfect for stashing away my octopus tongues and other utensils that usually get lost in a dishwasher and it professionally cleans and entire cycle in 30 minutes – meaning I can get a cycle in after appetizers and have my favorite small dishes clean for dessert.

No matter what we are cooking, a good prep and clean up plan is often the difference between an amazing dinner party and an awkward one.


AuthorLogo_Electrolux The new Electrolux dishwasher provides a professional level clean with its 30-minute wash and dry cycle. As the highest rated dishwasher on, it also features SatelliteSpray Arm technology which provides 400% more water coverage than a traditional dishwasher. Visit for more information on this and other stylish and functional options available from Electrolux.

Compensation was provided for this post by Electrolux. The opinions expressed are all mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Electrolux.

(Photography by Jen Grantham for A Subtle Revelry).

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why don’t we – make a spooky drink

Eyeball Ice Cubes

As my kids get older, Halloween has become one of my favorite holidays. Not much beats the excitement of my kids this time of year – which is why I am jumping the gun a bit early, sharing this easy idea to spook up our drinks for the quickly coming Halloween season.

Store the idea for a couple weeks, or better yet, start the season now! Who says we have to wait until October to begin dreaming and playing with a little spooky fun?

Eyeball ice cubes are a fun, simple drink spook to try. Ice cubes have a fabulous work-vs-effect ratio. You can make them in less than 5 minutes and they always bring an awesome effect to the season (see my other favorite ice cubes right here). These spooky ice cubes are made by combining creepy Halloween eye balls, eatable fingers, and cranberry/orange juice blood cubes.

To make them – grab an extra ice cube tray and pick out a few small spooky elements from the Halloween candy aisle. Make a batch by filling the containers with the spooky surprises and water (or juice for the blood). They’ll keep in the freezer so you’ll be able to add spunk and spook to drinks all month long.

While I dream up more fun ice cube creations – here are my favorite spooky drink ideas:

Shirley Temple injection shots

Googlye eye cups

Gummy worm shooters

Candy corn punch that is perfect for parties

Monster eyeball straws

Candy spider cocktail

Octopus punch

This pumpkin pop super easy and sweet

Bat straws

Boo-nilla shake

Cheers to the weekend… hope it’s a tasty one!

(photography credit Beatrix Boros for A Subtle Revelry).

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the building of a scene

The making of an animated movie scene

In this last post about the new Boxtrolls movie, I am excited to show a behind the scenes clip of the design and process of creating the movie. All animated movies take an incredible amount of artistic work to create, but the Boxtrolls takes it to the next level.

What these artists create out of clay, paint, and simple supplies is really quite amazing. Early on in the clip there’s a shot of the movie’s story board, it fills an entire banquet room! And I thought blogging was a lot of work.

Realizing the artistic effort put in to create the movie makes me even more excited to see it – now playing! Are you going? You’ll have to tell me what you think.

This post is done in promotional partnership with the Imagination Foundation and Focus. Thanks for supporting our sponsors that make this blog possible.

(Photography credit Suzanne Clements for A Subtle Revelry)

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Finding your native tongue

There’s been a lot of discussion in media lately about the sustainability of blogging as a profession. I will be the first to admit that DIY blogging takes an enormous amount of time, effort, and passion to get right. I have found an enormous help – finding and resting in my own blogging voice.

There seems to be a lot less burn-out when I am doing what I love – like making monster donuts! Finding and learning the art of functioning in your own voice is a challenge all artists face – from bloggers to voice creators. I love this clip from the Boxtrolls and how it gives a small glimpse into the collaboration and coordination of two artists finding that perfect voice for their project.

Perhaps you can relate. You’ve been trying to re-create that amazing Pinterest project, and the results are so bad you feel like reporting yourself to one of those Pinterest Fail Blogs. The biggest problem – that is someone else’s project, and you aren’t allowing your own voice to find it’s place in your project. Perhaps my color scheme would never look good in your house, but navy blue certainly would. Perhaps you would never use my shapes for your sugar cookies – have you tried using shapes and colors that represent your own voice?

We all shine when we are able to find our own voice. No matter what inspires you, no matter what DIY you are using; find a way to let your own voice in. That is what will bring about projects and recipes that will be loved. Projects that actually work for us. That is where true stability in this crazy blogging world, or really any artistic world, will be found.

See more of this fun Boxtroll language in the new Boxtroll movie, in theatres tomorrow… buy your tickets right here.

This post is done in promotional partnership with the Imagination Foundation and Focus. 

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