materially crafted – the book!

Materially Crafted

While driving through our neighborhood last week I saw something very cool on the side of the road. While I was busy ohhing and ahhing, my son spoke up and said, “Mom, let’s look in one of the craft books to see how to make that.” Without thinking I quickly blurted out… “Hey buddy, your mamma makes the craft books!” And then I laughed at myself. Really hard. Because, it sounds insane. And oh my gosh… it’s true!

You guys… I wrote a craft book and I am crazy excited to finally be able to share about it with you.

The book will be out in the spring – which seems like forever in blog time, but it’s actually pretty soon in book time. Book time is such a crazy world to me (but that’s a conversation for a later post).

My first ever book!

Materially Crafted: A DIY Primer for the Pinterest-Obsessed

I am so excited to tell you about it! It’s been excruciating to not be able to share it with you (except the dedication, I did share that :)

My heart behind the book is a great desire to help you succeed at the craft projects you try. You know, those pins you start and then stop moments later because you just don’t know what the heck you’re doing – or why in the world yours looks so different than the photo. Pinterest fails no more!

The book is not just inspirational, although I hope you will be inspired by all the creative projects included. The book is not just teaching, although I hope you’ll learn from it.

I like to think of Materially Crafted as our little crafting black book. The one we will turn to time and time again. The book that will make us succeed.

EEEEK! I am just so excited to begin rolling out photos, a cover, and more about the book soon. Thanks for all your love, support, and patience over the past year as I’ve juggled writing a book and running this blog. It’s been fun, and super hard, and you mean the world to me. xoxo

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nostalgic summer grilling

Hot dog roasting

I have been taking part in the #greatergrilling challenge with Hebrew National this summer and really loving the new takes on hot dogs that we’ve been able to come up with. We fired up the grill last week and tried something new – cooking our hot dogs on s’more sticks!

It’s a tradition I remember from camping when I was young and figured it would be fun to try out at home. Grilling our hot dogs on sticks was great treat for the kids, and a nostalgic take on the summer time favorite for me.

Fun hot dog pairings

To make sure the hot dog roasting nostalgia could be brought into our more modern foodie palettes we set out Hebrew National hot dogs, s’more sticks, and an array of pairings to make the traditional hot dogs even better, plus we added in a few fun variations.

My three favorite takes on roasting were; the traditional hot dog, the salsa dog and the Italian combo hot dog.

For the traditional – we layered the s’more stick with one hot dog, a few large pieces of red onion, and small grape tomatoes. As the dog roasted, we also got a nice roasting on the tomatoes, and a quick charring on the onion pieces. We added pickles and topped with Hunts Ketchup for a traditional hot dog with a new gorgeous roasted flavor.


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paper diamond lanterns

Paper party lanterns

Bright paper lanterns are one of my favorite ways to decorate for a late summer party. They give just the right burst of festive fun to an outdoor space. I love to see them hanging them in trees and surrounded by candles for an evening party.

Normally geometric lanterns are high on the difficulty scale, since I am definitely opposed to difficult summer projects we made this DIY version incredibly simple. Simple enough even the kids can help make them. Plus the lanterns are light enough to weather the summer evening wind in style.

Bright party lanterns

Party lanterns on A Subtle Revelry

To make the geometric paper lanterns, you’ll need; kitchen skewers, bright tissue paper, and glue.  

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how to make sand cakes

Sand Cakes

We’ve had great fun this summer visiting some of our favorite beaches. Now that my kids are old enough not to eat the actual sand, we’ve decided to make our own version of sand… and it tastes amazing! The recipe for these sand cakes is one that I remember tearing out of a magazine years ago (something ancient, like 2002!) I fully remember, thinking that it was the type of sweet I wanted to save and make for my kids one day.

I pulled the recipe out all wrinkled and torn this summer and it did not disappoint. These little sand cakes are rich enough to make the adults happy, and so fun – the kids will go crazy! A perfect treat for finishing off our wonderful season of beach going fun.

Sand Cakes!

Sand Cakes

How to make edible sand!

The sand is just Nilla Wafers processed in a blender! Genius idea for a simple afternoon treat…  

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a week of revelry

Ice cream cones stacked

I hope your summer has been incredible and amazing. The twins start Kindergarten in just a couple weeks (pinch me now!) We’ve been spending our summer weeks soaking in the sun and getting loads of quality time together. I am taking this week off to enjoy the last bits of our summer, and to focus on some big projects coming quick this fall.

I’ll see you back here Monday August 4th to share a couple fun posts we’ve been preparing for you. That week, I’ll also be sharing the first public glimpse of my soon coming book! So happy to finally be able to tell you more about it – I hate keeping secrets.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for projects to craft and posts to read – we have a complete DIY gallery that is filled to the brim with ideas, crafts, and simple ways to revel this summer.

DIY project gallery! Hundreds of posts for summer crafts and projects.

See the full summer DIY gallery right here and if you’re hungry here’s the recipe gallery – it’s filled with cakes! Have a great week. xoxo

(Top photo by Alejandro Melendez)

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why don’t we – fill awesome things with confetti

Confetti star balloons + 10 awesome things to fill with confetti!

Confetti is a favorite around my house. BUT, my love for it often gets sidetracked because of its more messy qualities. Can you ever really get all the confetti out of a rug?

Instead of throwing confetti around and cleaning it up for hours afterwards… I opt to fill things with confetti. You get all the bright fun. Minus the crazy mess. Score! Since it’s Friday, why not find something a little dull and make it much brighter with confetti? Here are 10 of my favorite things to fill with confetti!

Balloons (top photo)

Jars to save for a special confetti wish

Cookies or cake - stuffing cakes is the best.


Ornaments that look as good for a party as they do at Christmas time.

Crackers to use as favors or gifts.

Gift tags

A wall art gallery

Party cones

Match boxes would be a fun countdown for a birthday, or to count down the days until school starts again!

Plus, a gallery of all our fun confetti projects to try.

Have a bright and mess free weekend friends. xoxo

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