splatter paint jorts and cantaloupe margaritas

splatter painted jorts

splatter painted jorts

Nothing beats a fun craft and a yummy drink on a hot summer afternoon. When Sauza® asked me to make a pair of jorts for this post, I immediately knew that my newest obsession of splatter paint would take front reins on the project. Although, I am not normally one for shorts of any kind (dresses win everyday) – these painted jorts are really fun and a nice mix-up for our next summer picnic.

splatter painted jorts

splatter painted jorts

To make the jorts you’ll need a pair of paints to cut off. Jorts are pretty awesome at giving new life to last years frayed (but still favorite) pair of jeans. Measure to the length you’d like the jorts and mark with a pencil around the jean every inch or so. Cut. Easiest project ever. Right!?!

Next grab a few favorite colors of paint and paint brushes. Lay the jorts out on a canvas and use your wrist to flick the paint onto the jorts for a festive splatter paint version of this summer time favorite. While your at it, paint some napkins and a tablecloth! Splatter paint is very addictive:) Hang the jorts to dry fully before wearing.

cantaloupe margaritas

Since we spent the afternoon in the sun painting, drinks were obviously necessary. I used the basic Sauza-rita recipe with a twist to make these yummy cantaloupe Sauza-ritas.  

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colorwheel cheesecake

Colorwheel Cheesecake

Cheesecake is my favorite! And just to be clear… I would enjoy it, no matter what the cake happened to look like. Having one that is bright, festive and pretty is just extra sweet! This colorwheel cheesecake is a fun way to dress up this favorite treat to make it instantly ready for a party.

The colors can be adjusted to any combination you can dream up, although this tasty take on the colorwheel is easily my pick. And the cake doesn’t need to go in the oven – at all! Awesome, for an easy summer birthday.

Colorwheel Cheesecake

Colorwheel Cheesecake

To make the colorwheel cheese cake you will need; 2 packages (20 sheets) graham crackers, 11 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted, 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 8-oz packages cream cheese, room temperature, 1 14-oz can sweetened condensed milk, 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and food coloring in various colors.


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splatter paint paper party decor

Splatter paint tablecloth

Have you noticed the recent trend towards splatter paint? I’ve started seeing it popping up lately and just keep smiling that same, jean-overalls-are-back-in-style nostalgic smile. There’s nothing like getting to craft a trend that I loved creating in school. Bring it all back!

The thing about splatter paint is that it is super addicting. It is simple, festive and I do believe I’ve become obsessed. In fact, I have three different splatter paint projects to share this week. Once I started, I just could not stop! Not to sound crazy or anything, but my walls might be next.

For now, I am thrilled at how these splatter paint party decorations came out. Paper napkins, a paper tablecloth, a couple wrist flicks, and you’ll have an instant party on your hands… guaranteed.

Splatter paint paper napkins

To make the napkins we used simple white paper napkins, they look amazing when splattered with bright, festive colors. Painted projects are great for parties, because the paint can be done in any color you’d like – take our bright and festive directions and make them moody in shades of blue for a dusk lit dinner, or use the couples wedding colors for a bright and unexpected wedding shower touch.

Splatter paint tablecloth

DIY splatter paint party decorations

The directions for splatter painting are wildly easy, perfect for hot summer afternoons. Make sure you paint in a well protected area (outside is best) since the splatters tend to fly.

Start with a couple paint brushes and paints set out in bowls or plates. Dip the brush in the paint and use your wrist to flick the paints onto the paper. Continue dipping and flicking with different colors to create this look. It won’t be perfect, but it will be pretty.  

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why don’t we – make an icebox cake

The best icebox cake recipes - Make a cake without an oven! #Yes

We are taking the rest of the week off for a vacation and to celebrate the Fourth of July. I love this mid-summer holiday. The mix of the heat and the patriotism creates the best kinds of fun (so many great 4th of July ideas).

With the holiday and the heat, this weekend is the perfect weekend to make an ice box cake! Thrill your party guests on the 4th, or the 5th, or any hot summer day. And never even turn on your oven. Now that’s a holiday:)

Here are my 8 favorite ice box recipes to get you started:

Strawberry pretzel icebox cake

Peanut butter, prickly pear, pretzel icebox cake

Toasted coconut icebox cake

Berry layer icebox cake

Strawberry cream icebox cake

Snicker’s icebox cake

Chocolate peanut butter icebox cake

Oreo and chocolate french silk icebox cake

Have a happy Independence Day if you are stateside. I’ll be enjoying our family and the beach this week – see you back here for more summer crafting fun Monday morning! xoxo

(Photo by Tina Fussell for A Subtle Revelry).

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how to make a glass jar candle



I was looking for an easy way to light up the deck and didn’t have the budget to buy new candles, but found tikki oil in a huge gallon bucket for under five dollars! We used a collection of glass jars on hand, cotton wicks, and a nail to make these glass jar candles. See the full tutorial right here. You could literally make them with any type of glass jar; mason jars and jelly jars are the perfect size, or baby food jars would be awesome to put at each seat.

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5 sneaky summer party tips

5 sneaky tips for a summer party (Click through to see them all)

I am so happy that summer has made its grand entrance! Reno sometimes has a way of playing with our hearts and it’s been known to snow in June. But now – the warm weather is finally here to stay. Hooray. And what does that mean? More outdoor parties of course. Here are five sneaky tips I’ve learned to have a great (and stress free) summer party.

#1 Keep it shady

It’s always better in the shade for your guests from young to old. Look for those bigger trees, supply umbrellas or parasols to help the heat stay low. One trick we’ve used to shade a large area on the cheap, is to hang a few select larger pieces of fabric between two walls. Use thumbtacks, hot glue, or whatever you have on hand to get the faux canopy in place for the afternoon. The result is a temporarily shady deck – with a pretty touch whenever your guests look up.

5 sneaky tips for a summer party - how to create shade! (Click through to read them all)

#2 Agenda’s on the simpler side

Most people will want to just catch up and share their company with one another; so don’t stress over party games, or a karaoke station for the adults. However if kids will be attending, definitely put that energy into finding cool games (like giant surprise balls!) for them to enjoy. My favorite parties are those that I know my kids are enjoying – then I can relax as well.  

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