parrot balloons

Parrot Balloons

Although I am a DIY fanatic at heart. Every once in awhile, I come across a product that I instantly buy in mass.

While popping into our local dollar store, I noticed these parrot balloons. They are just the right touch for our dinners out on the deck. I was so smitten by their festive summer whimsy that I bought five, ten… Okay 20 of them. I just couldn’t resist!

We’ve had them out back sticking out of our wicker chairs, resting in vases and generally livening up the space. I knew you’d want to know about my new feathered friends.

Parrot Balloons

Parrot Balloons


If you’re looking for an easy way to turn a space into a party – I definitely recommend scoring 20 parrot balloons. At only $1 each they are affordable, easy, and will make your guests grin – the very definition of summer entertaining.

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry)

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why don’t we – toss a few honeycombs

Toss honeycombs on the table for an quick and festive party look

Hey, it’s Friday! Why don’t we toss a few honeycombs on the table.

Honeycombs have been a long time favorite of mine. From food picks, to wreaths they are one of my favorite products to work with.

I’ve been using honeycombs in much simpler ways these days. Just tossing a couple on the table for our weekend get togethers. A collection of 3-5 in different colors and sizes placed haphazardly around the table changes the entire feel of the space to festive and fun, without feeling overly done. Decorating could not be easier.

Intersperse the honeycombs with florals and simple linens and you’ll have a casual festive vibe for whatever your weekend guest list may be.


Toss honeycombs on the table for an quick and festive party look

Although you can buy honeycombs almost anywhere these days, here is my favorite resource to buy them online. If you’d rather DIY, check out our tutorial on how to make your own honeycombs.

Have you ever used honeycombs on the table? Mine have found their perfect resting spot on our long dining table… and on my shelves… and along the bookshelves. It is quickly turning into an obsession (EEK!) Happy weekend.

(Photography by Tina Fussell for A Subtle Revelry)

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father’s day pendant flags

Father's Day Pendant Flags

Father’s Day is coming up so soon! Every year I like to think of a new and fun idea to show Matt how much we appreciate him. Flowers don’t work (except rosemary on steak) and ties get old quick. This year we’ve been crafting a bouquet of Father’s Day pendant flags. They are a fun way to say “We think you’re rad dad”, and when dropped off at the office he will instantly feel that dozen-of-roses-at-the-desk feeling. He will literally well up with pride. If we are going to cheer on anyone, shouldn’t dad be the one?

Father's Day Pendant Flags

Father's Day Pendant Flags

Father's Day Pendant Flags

Father's Day Pendant Flags

To make the Father’s Day pendant flags; you’ll need felt, wooden dowels and adhesive letters. Start by cutting out 8×10 pieces felt into a pendant shapes (a triangle vertically on the felt). Attach the pendants to wooden dowel sticks with hot glue and allow to dry. To make the wording for the flags we used adhesive stick on letters. They can be found at home improvement stores and are made for boat siding. I was so happy thy had an @ on the package we purchased:) Think up words and phrases that will make dad feel loved -peel and stick. It’s that simple! Drop of this manly bouquet of awesomeness at his desk, house, or favorite resturant.  

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project sunlight

We can all make a difference - no matter how small

Encouraging our kids to make a difference, and empowering them that they actually can is something Matt and I are passionate about. I am thrilled to participate in the projectSunlight campaign this summer. The entire idea behind the campaign is that we can all make a difference, no matter how small. Isn’t summer the perfect time to try that out!?!

I’ve noticed when I share a world problem with my kids and help think of an actionable way to make a difference, they get so excited about it. They become empowered.

The squeals that come when kids realize they can actually do something, when they see how their efforts will really help, makes a huge difference in their mindset for life.

My hope is that my kids become passionate about the things that really matter to them. That they’d know how simple it can be to make a difference. This short video by Unilever about projectSunlight is an awesome description of our parenting goals in this area.

We’ve created these opportunities in different ways over the years and every time I see their hearts begin to move towards the good of others. This summer we will be crafting together to teach them about re-using and recycling. Taking old shampoo bottles we have lying around and transforming them into something fun. Can’t wait to show you!

Although our collection of shampoo bottles will not solve the world’s waste issue, it’s a tangible step that we can take. More importantly, it is teaching my kids that they can do something. And if everyone just gets up and does something – we will be on our way.

Unilever has great ideas to do something as a family – check out the Project Sunlight site and add one of the projects to your summer list this year.

(Top photo by I Spy Photography. I’m happy to be presenting this project and post in promotional partnership with Unilever.)

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cinnamon roll campfire cakes


After lighting the first fire of the season we made fun and amazingly good bonfire cakes with cinnamon rolls and frosting! I like to think of them as s’mores with an upgrade.

The cakes are great to make for an after dinner summer dessert and will be perfect for our mid-summer bonfire birthday parties. They’d also be a fun treat to bring along camping.

Camping cakes!

Everyone will be happily surprised with your campfire baking skills.





To make the cakes stack cinnamon rolls two layers deep and roast them over the bonfire. Once the rolls are toasted a bit and cooked through, frost them and enjoy! No need to worry about perfection with this recipe. The messy campfire look is just perfect for relaxed summer fun outdoors.



Here’s another fun and colorful campfire treat!

(Photos by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry)

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paper bow invitations


What do you get when you cross crazy affordable note cards with pretty origami bows? My favorite new invites!

Making paper bows is a wonderful way to gussy up anything from cupcakes to cards. A couple quick folds and cuts can transform dollar section cards into mini works of art. Invitations that will definitely command a response.

Paper bow cards

paper bow cupcake toppers

Paper bow invites

To make the paper bows – grab the template right here and get cutting. Use the bows to adorn everything from invites, to cakes, to necklaces, to your packages. Bascially, they’ll lend a dash of festive charm to anything this summer.

PS. More paper folding ideas

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