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Super easy bird house favors

Super easy bird house favors

It is always a lovely day when you begin a project and realize it is truly going to be as easy as you hoped. That was the case with our bird house favors for the recent bird nest shower.

My inspiration for these came from a $400 egg shaped bird house that was amazing and had a price tag to match- so I made my own. A smaller, cheaper version and gave them all away!

Start with a large plastic egg. I purchased mine from Micheals for 99 cents each.

Follow these four simple steps.

*Cut a circle out of the egg- using heavy duty scissors works great. Just stab once in the center and cut around. You can leave the edges a little rough or file them down if you prefer.

*Cut out 4 strands of ribbon and glue over the opening to cover the rough ends.

*Fill the nests with floral grass, bird seed and an tiny envelope of thanks!

*The egg will snap back into place with a thin string to hang. Hot glue the edges before re-snapping if you plan to hang outdoors for strength.

Easy, lovely and cheap…. Just my style.



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