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17 Free Trello Boards to Organize Everything

Ok guys, if you haven’t already heard of Trello, be prepared to have your world totally rocked. If you have, get ready for a handful of reasons to love it even more! I’m going to explain the how to use Trello, giving an overview of the program, showing you how I use it to organize […]

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How to Start a Blog You’re Passionate About

Blogging is really the best job ever. It gives me the ability to share the things I love, work a flexible schedule, and teach others how to do the same! It’s no wonder so many people are asking the question: how do I start a blog? I think sometimes it can seem like a big, […]

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Alt Summit Blogging Conference Pros & Cons

We spent last week at the Alt summit blogging conference in Palm Springs and I’m headed to Austin for another blogging conference later next week. So I am currently feeling all the blog conference love! It was my 4th year attending and speaking at Alt Summit and we had a fabulous time! Here’s my recap […]

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8 Online Organization Apps That Beat Unicorn Magic

It is hard to beat unicorn magic, but having the right online organization apps will beat that magic for me every day! Life is crazy sometimes. Between work, school, extra-curricular activities, managing a business and managing a home, plus all the things in between, there’s really not a whole lot of time left. Do you […]

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