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5 Pretty Punch Recipes To Make This Spring

Who doesn’t love a cold and fizzy glass of juicy punch? I sure do! To celebrate the warmer spring weather ahead, I’ve recently been inspired to try out some brand new punch recipes. The best part is getting to sample so many yummy varieties, and my kids have certainly enjoyed the mocktail versions too. I […]

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Marshmallow Creme Slime Party Cake

Are your kids as completely obsessed with slime as mine are? We found a way to make edible slime with the sweetest taste using homemade marshmallow creme – It’s a slime cake! A marshmallow cream cake that mimics their favorite gooey fun. This cake is so fun for a slime party. My kids have already […]

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Statement Earring Fashion Cupcake

I’m so in love with this pom pom statement earring trend, but what’s more fun than these happy little accessories? A pom pom fashion cupcake in the style of the earrings trend, that you can eat!!! For my pom earrings, I chose pink and gold, because February is the month of love and well, no […]

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Unicorn Rainbow Noodle Recipe

It’s the dead of winter when rainbows mean the most! Don’t you think? I spotted these rainbows noodles and about died from the love! I’m going to show you how to make your own rainbow noodles at home to brighten up the mid-winter weekend, but first… This week was crazy! We took a huge leap […]

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Pucker Up Marshmallow Lips

Get ready to pucker up for Valentine’s Day with these super cute Marshmallow Lips!!! This recipe is absolutely one of my favorites. The marshmallows are light and fluffy and taste delicious! They make great Valentine treats for your best gal pals, for the classroom, and as a fun twist to homemade pink hot chocolate. We […]

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