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My Little Pony Party Games – A Guide

There are so many great kid’s party games out there, and you can adapt most of them to the theme of My Little Pony.

Keep the games short. Played for too long, or more than twice, the kids will get bored. 

Arrange for everyone to get prizes at games, not only the winner. 

Send invitations out…

Start the excitement with My Little Pony-themed invitations. They’re easy to order online, and you customize them with your child’s name.

Or you can design My Little Pony invitations yourself with a free online template and print them out. They might be the little guests’ very first printed invitations, which is sure to make them feel important!

Temporary tattoos…

The fun begins as soon as the kids arrive and receive temporary tattoos in My Little Pony cutie themes. Ask each child if he or she has a favorite pony, and apply a temporary cutie tattoo associated with that pony to their cheek or the back of their hand.

Make sure to have several of each cutie tattoo, in case more than one child asks for a particular one.


my little pony party games

Lead the kids to a coloring station. Children up to age 6 will enjoy coloring My Little Pony coloring pages.

There are dozens of printable coloring pages available online for free. 

When the children have finished coloring, move them on to the next stage. 

Friendship bracelets are always a hit. Each child makes a bracelet for another. The ponies are all about friendship after all!

Have plenty of pony beads whose holes are not hard for little hands to thread yarn through. 

Each child will ask the friend they’re making the bracelet for what their favorite color is. Then each child receives 10 beads in 5 colors, and 5 strands of yarn measuring 12”. 

The kids string 10 beads on their lengths of yarn. Show them how to make a knot on both sides of the beads as they are added to the yarn.

Show the kids to center the beads, leaving some empty yarn at both ends. Have a grownup tie the bracelets on the kids’ arms.

Another way to string the beads is to tape the end of a length of elastic to the table and let the kids fill the elastic up with beads as they wish. An adult can detach the elastic from the table and tie the bracelet around the child’s wrist.

Friendship bracelets are appropriate to older kids too, and 6-year-olds can probably finish tying the bracelets on their friends’ arms themselves.

Breaking the ice

Some of the kids might be feeling shy. The Fluttershy ice breaking game is sure to fix that. 

Put a small prize, like a pony sticker or a candy inside as many balloons as you expect there to be guests. Before you inflate the balloons, write a number on each, with a marker. 

The kids will sit in a circle. Each one will receive a numbered balloon with a prize inside.

Put music on. All the kids will pass the balloons around. 

Stop the music suddenly. The kids will stop passing the balloons and keep the ones they’re holding. 

Call a number. The child whose balloon with that number will sit in the middle of the circle.

He or she will say their name and then three things they want the others to know about themselves. It could be things like their favorite color, what they like best to do, or their pet.

Each child in the circle will now say one nice thing about the one in the middle, without repeating anything other children have said.

When all the kids have said something nice, the one in the middle can pop their balloon and take the prize hidden inside. He or she rejoins the circle, and a new number is called.

True or False Game

Remind the children that there’s a pony who models honesty: Applejack. Then give each one two index cards.

One card will have a big T written on it, and the other will have an F. 

Each child will say something she or he thinks is true about a pony, and the others will hold up cards showing if they think the statement is true or false. 

Each correct guess wins the player a point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.

My Little Pony fashion improvisation

my little pony party games

The purple pony, Rarity, loves fashion. In this game, the kids will create fashions of their own. 

Divide the kids into teams, how many teams depending on the number of kids present. Give each team a bag full of things they can put together: old hats, buttons, safety pins, scraps of fabric or yarn, a soft belt, an apron, or an old shirt – whatever’s in the house that you don’t mind sacrificing.

Allow 20-30 minutes for the children to create their works of art. Then let them show off what they made.  

Don’t you dare laugh!

Pinkie pie is the pony that loves laughter. In this game, one child will represent Pinkie.

It’s Pinkie’s job to make the other children laugh. No physical contact allowed, though, so no tickling or other physical play.

Encourage the child playing Pinkie to get as goofy as she or he wants. Any child who laughs is out.

Once a person is caught laughing, they are out.  The last person who cracks a smile or laughs gets to be Pinkie in the next round.

Mixed Message

Have the children sit in a circle. The birthday child will think of a message relating to a pony, such as “Everyone loves Pinkie Pie because she loves for everyone to laugh.” 

If the birthday child can’t think of something, suggest a statement. It should be a little longer, the better to get it mixed up as it goes from one child to the next.

The birthday child then whispers the statement to the child sitting on their left, who repeats it to the child on their left, until the message has gone around the circle.

The last child to hear the message stands up and repeats the message as they heard it. More than likely it will be hysterically funny.

Pin the cutie mark on Pinkie Pie

This is a My Little Pony version of the old-time pin the tail on the donkey game. Download a picture of Pinkie and print it out. 

You may need to print it out in pieces, like a puzzle, and tape the pieces together in order to have a big enough picture. Tape it to a wall.

Make cutie marks out of paper with a folded piece of tape on the back to stick to the Pinkie. 

Blindfold one child with a soft scarf or bandana, and point them toward the Pinkie picture. They will try to place a cutie mark on the picture

Each child will get a turn trying to place a cutie mark on Pinkie.

If you prefer, you can order an inexpensive kit for this game from Amazon. It comes with a 37 ½ x 24 ½” poster of Pinkie Pie, a blindfold, and 2 sheets of stickers.

Musical Ponies

You’ll need some pony stickers for this game. 

Are the kids acting bored? Put on some music for Musical Ponies. 

Stop the music suddenly after a minute. They must freeze in place. 

Kids who move (or topple over) get a sticker and go around finding the next movers until all the kids have received a sticker.

Rounding up the mustangs

Choose one or two kids to be cowboys. All the others are mustangs.

Designate an area to be the “corral.”

When you say “Corral them!” the cowboys must run around trying to catch the mustangs. When a mustang gets caught, they go over to the corral. 

The captured mustangs must stand with their legs wide apart.

A mustang who hasn’t been caught yet must crawl between the captives’ legs to free them. 

Keep it going until all the mustangs have been caught.

My Little Pony Scavenger Hunt

Place small plastic ponies in easy hiding places around the house or yard. Send the birthday party guests to find the lost ponies.

Celebrate finding all the lost ponies with a snack and a drink. 

Pony, Pony Horse

This is a My Little Pony version of the old Duck, Duck Goose game.

Ask the kids to sit in a circle. One child will be “It.”

The child who’s “It” must walk around the circle, tapping each of the others on the head and saying “Pony, Pony” until she or he suddenly taps a child and says “Horse!”

“It” then runs around the circle. The Horse gets up, chases after them, and tries to catch them before they manage to sit where the Horse was sitting.  

When the child who’s “It” wiggles into the space where the Horse was, the Horse now becomes “It.” This game can be as short as two rounds, or as long as the kids aren’t bored with it.