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Not-So Sleepover Party Idea

What is your stance on sleepovers for kids? I remember being a kid and LOVING a good sleepover, but now that my kids are getting to that age it seems so much less romantic. Between sleep issues and the 179 other things I’d worry about, we’ve decided to just nix the whole sleepover idea outside […]

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Trying Something New: Paint Nite

For date night last weekend Matt and I attended our first ever Paint Nite. Have you been to one of these before? We got the Orchid Thai happy hour and painted a waterfall! It was a blast learning, engaging and just doing something new together. One of the things we sometimes lose as a marriage ages and the kids […]

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Festive Friday: Girl’s Night In

It’s a strange Friday to be sure. With today being the day for the long awaited inauguration, coupled with our month long snowstorm – I just want to hang out on the sofa all weekend long. To combat these winter blues, having a girls night in sounds like exactly the diversion I need. A warm […]

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We Are Hiring

We are hiring! The last number of positions I’ve needed to hire locally, but these two options you can live anywhere for. Which is awesome. YAY! Our team is quickly growing and we are excited to add in a few new team members who love revelry and fun. If you fit the description  for one of […]

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Memories With Smash Books

Making memories is what this season is all about, but storing those memories is a little tricky these days. With all of our photos being digital I find it hard to get the motivation to print and save the photos that I love the most. Smash books make it fun and easy! Their tagline is […]

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