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Bright & Easy DIY Dreamcatcher

Inside: Make easy DIY dreamcatchers with this how to make dream catcher patterns

Making a DIY dreamcatcher is a wonderful craft for everyone from beginners to the most skilled. Twining the yarn and placing the beads is a simple concept, and based on your skill level these DIY dreamcatchers can easily become great works of art. They are fun to give as gifts and mostly just a joy to create. We had a bunch of girls over to create a few and they each came out super unique and pretty.

diy dreamcatcherDIY dreamcatcher

When I think of the woman I have become,  and there are a couple of specific people I am always reminded of. Women who’ve come alongside me and are always there to encourage my wildest of dreams.

I immediately think of my mother, a few favorite teachers, and a dear old friend. If you are in need of a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift or a little something for that favorite encourager in your life, this DIY dreamcatcher is a great way to say, “I appreciate you and thank you for coming alongside me. Thank you for helping me dream”.

How to make a dreamcatcher patterns

Easy DIY dreamcatcher

We decided to focus on a whole lot of bright bang for your crafting buck with this simple gift.

After talking to a serious Native American crafter, we learned the traditional dreamcatchers are actually insanely time-consuming to make. In this how to make a dreamcatcher patterns tutorial we wanted to make something that would be a little easier to create, less intimidating, while still giving a gift that says, “I really appreciate you and busted my butt making this for you”.

How to make dream catcher patterns

To make the DIY dreamcatcher gift you will need:

  • Bright and colorful yarn
  • A wooden embroidery hoop
  • Glue gun
  • Aquarium rocks or shells
  • Feathers
  • Twine

DIY Dreamcatcher step by step

DIY Dreamcatcher Step By Step

1. Tie yarn to one point of the hoop, leaving 8+ inches to hang under the knot.

2. Wrap yarn around the hoop continuously until getting a web-like desired look.

3. Bring the yarn near the original knot, tie and let another 8+ inches or so hang (these are the beginning pieces that hang at the bottom).

DIY dreamcatcher craft

4. Take contrasting yarn and start wrapping around the frame of the hoop. This also ensures the yarn won’t slip and move.

5. Lastly, you’ll want to glue “good dreams” into the web. I used neon aquarium rocks and painted some small shells. You can use rocks or beads as well.

Finalize your DIY dreamcatcher with more hanging thread, strings, twine, etc. I added some feathers glued to twine, braided some yarn, added a pop of neon embroidery thread. You can also use ribbon, rope, and lace!

Packaging this DIY dreamcatcher to give to your favorite ladies and encourage them to dream those bold dreams.

PS. We hope you enjoyed this how to make dreamcatcher patterns tutorial, and while you have the yarn out creating this pretty woven yarn wreath and this yarn kids fort are both great ideas.

Project design and gorgeous photography by Carly Taylor for A Subtle Revelry.


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  1. Hi!
    Could you tell me where you sourced those great black & white and neon pink yarns? I love this and want to make something just like it for my baby girl who will be born in October.

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