mophead tassel garland

mophead tassel garland

I love the skinny, pretty tassels that are adorning much this year. Here’s a tutorial on how to make them with wrapping paper, and I love how they look on a bright white pendant. BUT, there’s something to be said about a substantial frill and it’s graphic ability to turn a room into a party – right now! That is why I am so in love with this awesome mophead tassel garland!

Don’t the sections look like colorful mop heads!?! I sure think so… Much more fun than their skinnier tassel cousin. Lined up in a colorful display this garland will take your wall and make it the perfect backdrop for parties, showers, or impromptu photos sessions with the family.

mophead tassel garland

mophead tassel garland

mophead tassel garland

To make the mophead tassel garland; cut folded sheets of tissue paper in half and then fold each half into thirds.

Pass the folded piece through the sewing machine to connect the layers, or hand sew (my style!). Before cutting the fringe, first cut the folds on the side by passing the scissors from the bottom to the stitched line.

Then cut fringe! If you are using scissors, cut one third of the stack at a time. If you have one, a rolling blade works divinely. Fluff the garland up and hang to enjoy.

And I do believe the mop heads would be a blast to clean with, although honestly I’m not going to be the first to give that a try. xoxo

Project design and photography by Amy Christie for A Subtle Revelry.

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Posted February 20, 2014
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6 Responses to “mophead tassel garland”

  1. lena says:

    These garlands are amazing!

  2. Very fun and festive. I love how these garlands are so voluminous and bold. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ann Martin says:

    The tassels look so nice and full! I love your tips about sewing the paper first and using a rolling blade.

  4. This is so pretty and would be great for any get together. Love!

  5. Freya says:

    I agree, I like these because they are energetic. How wonderful and bright!