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rubber banded flowers

Tuesday has become our dedicated DIY project day around here. Every week this day will be filled with projects, crafts and pretty things to make for celebrations. Today, I am excited to share this easy project to make a store bought bouquet look put together using a simple purchase of rubber bands.

To make this simple and pretty bouquet, wrap the vase in a crisscross pattern with rubber bands. I originally planned to cover the vase afterwards with fabric or tissue, but ended up loving how the graphic pattern looked against the white vase so well, it has stayed that way.

Be sure to remove all lower leaves from the stems while cutting and then place the flowers in a pleasing pattern inside your grid. The bands allow for the bouquet to stand straight and make organizing the randomness of a store bought purchase easy. The finished vases (covered or not) will look wonderful lining a brunch table, stacked atop a coffee table, or centering a buffet spread this spring.

  1. colores

    3 April

    such a brilliant and easy doing idea!!!

  2. dervla

    3 April

    thank you so much for posting this! I’m tempted to leave work early and grab flowers on the way home :) Until now, i’ve been hopeless at making flowers look good in a vase.

  3. Lena

    3 April

    What a fantastic idea! I’m with Dervla–time to grab some flowers!

  4. Ana

    3 April

    Ahhhh my genius friend! I need a pop of color like this :)

  5. Allison

    4 April

    These look so professional but so simple! Almost as if even I could do them! Ah… We’ll see about that…

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