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2 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Overnight Guests

Hosting guests overnight can sometimes spark panic, is everything clean and tidy? Will they judge me if they see my washing? What if they don’t sleep well? No need to fret! We will let you know how to ensure that your guests feel welcome and at home, and also make sure they have a great night’s sleep.

Clean and Tidy

You may think that everything around the house needs to be absolutely spotless, nothing can be left out, and if one item is out of place, your guests will automatically judge you. This is not the case at all! It’s about making your home homely – don’t make it feel clinical and absolutely pristine. Your guests may start to feel slightly uncomfortable and worry about dropping something or spilling a drink. A casual tidy will not go amiss, but don’t go mad if you see a speck of dust anywhere! Make the house clean enough to be healthy, but messy enough to be happy.


It is important that your guests feel comfy and cozy throughout their stay in your home. Simple things like having blankets and throws to hand is a really good idea. Also, on the bed, it is worth putting a blanket there in case they get chilly in the night. Something worth checking about the bed they’re staying in: is the mattress itself comfortable? The worst thing is going to sleep and waking up feeling all the aches and pains from a bad night’s sleep. Have a look at Best Mattress, their bed in a box reviews show a range of different mattresses that we’re sure you and any future guests will appreciate!


One of the worst things to hear from someone is them saying that there’s a funny smell in your house, so save yourself the embarrassment! Scented candles are an incredible thing. They can fill a room with a beautiful scent of your choice whilst adding coziness with a warm flickering flame. Another great option is a reed diffuser. They will release a scent for a few weeks by absorbing the scented oil and distributing it through the reeds sticking out of the top. If you want the smell to get slightly stronger, flip the reeds so that the side that has been in the oil is now facing upwards. Flip the reeds before your guests arrive so that they are greeted by a beautiful scent as soon as they walk in.

Food and Drink

Guests or no guests, you cannot beat having a fully stocked fridge! Don’t chance running out of something like milk or bread. You’ll miss valuable time with your guests! Letting them know that they can help themselves to any food or drink will instantly make them feel reassured and comfortable. Snacks are a great thing to have on the table all the time when your guests are round. There will be no chance of them being hungry!


There’s a chance your guests will wake up before you. In case that does happen, leave some towels by their bed so that they can go and have a shower if they wish. Let them know that you are happy to cook/make breakfast but if they are hungry, they are welcome to help themselves to anything. It is also a good idea to leave things in their room that they might’ve forgotten to bring, for example, deodorant or toothpaste.

Following these pointers will ensure that your guests have a wonderful time in your home, but don’t forget the main thing: enjoy yourself and your guests will enjoy themselves too!

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