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Balloon Fruit Gift Tree

Balloon Fruit Gift Tree

Legend has it that giving a gift tree at the new year is supposed to bring luck to the receiver. Add in a bunch of balloon fruit with well wishes inside, and any friend will be on their way to a new year, new home, new job, or new baby with a festive dose of blessings.

A balloon fruit wishing gift tree is a fun way to celebrate every new moment in life.

Whether we are celebrating the wishes that come with the year turning over, or the excitement of a new house, new job, new baby, etc.–having it celebrated with the gift of a tree is a lasting way to make your care known. Drop the tree off with a doorstep note, or bring it as a housewarming party gift, bridal shower gift, or wedding gift (hint: include gift cards and money along with the wishes in the balloon fruit for a more substantial event gift).

Balloon Fruit Gift Tree

A baby Fiddle Fig tree is my favorite gift tree because of it’s beauty, but this concept could work with any tree or plant. A palm tree in the summer, an evergreen for the holidays, or an lemon tree in the spring would be equally as nice.

Balloon Fruit

After purchasing your tree, make the gift tree by creating balloon fruit. Start with a selection of colorful small balloons – ones meant for water balloons are my favorite to use. Write your wishes down on small pieces of paper. Roll the papers up and stick inside the balloons before blowing up. Blow up the balloons about 70% to leave a point at the end to create the cherry, strawberry balloon fruit look.

Balloon Fruit with wishes

To finish off the balloon fruit gift tree, print out the leaf template right here. Or freehand your own version of a fruit leaf. Cut and attach to the blown up fruit balloons with a small piece of tape. Use string to tie each of the balloon fruit pieces to the branches of the gift tree.

Gift tree with balloon fruit wishes! Perfect for bridal showers, baby shower and housewarming gifts.

One of my resolutions this year is to get more creative and thoughtful with my gift giving, especially gifts for my girlfriends. Giving gifts is one of my most favorite things to do, and a task that easily gets lost amidst the busyness of life. It’s tempting to stuff something generic in a gift bag and smack a bow on it. But with just a little extra effort we can give gifts that are super thoughtful and make everyone feel like a million bucks.

(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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