53 Kickass Lifestyle Blogs to Follow this Year

Inside: The best lifestyle blogs to be following this year

The thing I love most about lifestyle blogs is their ability to inspire. To give something basic and simple the opportunity to transform into something exceptional and wonderful. From beautiful DIY crafts, to mouthwatering recipes, to party planning guidance, to insightful thoughts on anything and everything, lifestyle blogs really cover an array of topics incredibly.

53 Kickass Lifestyle Blogs to follow this yearWhat is a lifestyle Blog?

First we need to talk about what exactly is a lifestyle blog and why they’ve become so popular over the years?

A lifestyle blog is any blog that defines a specific lifestyle by it’s content. It can be any lifestyle imaginable, from parenthood, to travel, to fashion, even revelry! This is what makes lifestyle blogs so fun to follow. There is so much diversity represented in bloggers sharing their specific lifestyle views with their audience.

Have you ever thought about starting your own lifestyle blog? It is a journey I could have never expected to be as fun as it is.

And just in case you’re reading this and thinking I’d rather be crafting!… Here’s a list of my favorite craft blogs to follow.

The best lifestyle blogs

Now, without further ado, here I present 53 Kickass Lifestyle Blogs [that you absolutely positively have to] Follow this Year!

Top Lifestyle Blogs

Oh Happy Day: It is literally so happy. I can’t help but smile every single time I visit the site.

A Whimsy Wonderland: I’m totally won over by just the name of this blog but the content is even better!

Camille Styles: The tagline here is “live life like you mean it.” And I’m thinking it’s a really good mantra for us all to follow.

Wit & Delight: Covers all of the topics-travel, parenthood, design, health, fitness, and more.

Top lifestyle blogs to follow

Julie Blanner: Calligraphy, flower arrangements, recipes. So pretty!

Lolly Jane: Love the free printables that are offered here. Basically want to download every single one.

Heart Handmade: This UK-based blog is about “high ROI” DIY tutorials that you can make quickly and easily…ok, I’m listening!

A Cup of Jo: You can’t make a list of top lifestyle blogs without including this one. You just can’t. A Cup of Jo is pure gold and there’s just no arguing with that!

Crafts Unleashed: Crafts and home decor like crazy. The good kind of crazy ;)

Best Lifestyle Blogs

Jenny Batt: Lots of pops of pink can be found here, which you all know I’m all about!!

Hello Hydrangea: This blog is all about macrame and it’s done super well.

Easily Inspired: Really big fan of the travel and adventure corner of this blog. The reviews are simple, easy to read, and give me all of the wanderlust.

Top lifestyle blogs in the USA

Oh Joy!: So much joy in one spot where do I even start? Obsessed with the gift guides, love to check out the latest in Joy’s house, and the DIYs are fabulous, of course.

Lia Griffith: So many craft projects that anyone and everyone can do!

Dear Handmade Life: Little bits of inspiration everywhere in DIYs, podcasts, and selling things too.

Popular Lifestyle Blogs

Aww Sam: If you don’t already follow her, now you know. #yourewelcome

Glitter Guide: Fashion + beauty with some sassy humor incorporated i.e. Valentine’s to give yourself (done) and why man repeller fashion is a good idea (LOL).

The Best of This Life: Really encouraging posts from a super cool chick based in Ottawa.

Ugly Duckling House: Check this spot out for some home improvement ideas and a few down-home recipes too.

P.S. I Made This: Love the Craft Math section of the blog where pretty DIYs are broken up into simple equations.

Teacher lifestyle blogs

Persia Lou: In addition to some fabulous crafts for any and every occasion, Alexis has some amazing crochet patterns that are totally free!

The Happier Homemaker: Really practical life tips like how to make carved pumpkins last longer, best uses for dish soap, and DIYs of many a category. I’m sold.

Kate La Vie: Goals, reading list, interior design. All wrapped up in a soft pink site.

I Am & Co: Content is posted based on it’s “emotional aftertaste”…does it make you feel good? I can get behind that.

Gimme Some Oven: Primarily a recipe blog with gorgeous pictures but she also has some travel tips, specifically on Barcelona where Ali and her husband have recently moved.

Minimalist Lifestyle Blogs

Minimalist Lifestyle Blogs

Honestly WTF: Really great DIYs, especially jewelry. Some that are super unique and also a beautiful collection of art to love.

Design Love Fest: Bri’s blog is killer but I’m also really obsessed with her new luggage line at Target!

The Yellow Spectacles: This space is super cute but my favorite part is seeing Katelyn wear different pairs of glasses all the time. Such a fun and cute trend!

Design Darling: Ok, so I am super inspired by her list of 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days. Can you say dedication?!

Paper and Stitch: Brittni’s background is in art and it super shows through in all the creative elements of her blog.

Home Lifestyle Blogs

Make and Tell: Sooo many printables! Everything from pizza heart gift boxes to diary stickers, and the happiest DIY projects.

Almost Makes Perfect: Love Molly’s philosophy on never achieving perfection but practicing and trying and being totally ok with it. Because perfection is overrated anyway!

enJOY It: Elise sells some super cool planners and productivity pieces but also writes a bunch of great content on a variety of topics too.

But First, Coffee: Kallie is just the cutest new mama and her blog is full of goodness from thrifty DIYs to simple beauty basics.

Handmade Charlotte: Soo many creative crafts on this site with plenty of variety too: stir sticks, paper plate clocks, and a pasta chess set?! I’m grabbing the kids and diving into some of this magic ASAP!

My favorite blogs that showcase classy life

Pizzazzerie: This blog is all about entertaining and Courtney makes it a full-on blast! From watermelon party hats to a chocolate themed brunch, she’s totally won over my heart.

Advice from a Twenty Something: This little gem’s got DIYs, entertaining tips, travel suggestions, and all the things lifestyle blog, but what sets it apart is the “Ask Amanda” section where the author gives real advice for things that most twenty somethings are going through as they try to navigate that post-grad life.

Advice from a Thirty Something: You didn’t think Amanda would stop once she hit the glorious age of 30, did you? So glad there’s a blog for the thirty somethings too!

Fun Lifestyle Blogs to follow in 2019

Fun Lifestyle Blogs to follow

Tell Love & Party: I just can’t get over how pretty this blog is! I love the colorful theme and it’s full of whimsical DIYs. You’ve got to check it out.

The Dainty Squid: First off, the name of this site couldn’t be more eclectic and it totally reflects the fun style of Kaylah, the creator. She’s got a super neat little Etsy shop full of handmade goodies too.

Hannah Gale: Really love the organization of this site. Her pictures are bright and crisp and the posts are easy to find.

Yes and Yes: The tagline of this site is “because yes is more fun than no.” And I really would have to agree! It’s filled with thought-provoking content and also some lighthearted things too, a pretty good mix in my opinion.

Sugar & Charm: The sweetest, and dare I say ‘most charming’  inspiration blog. It’s full of recipes, home decor ideas, entertaining tips, and tons of holiday ideas.

Millennials Lifestyle Blogs That Are Actually Worth Reading

Millennials Lifestyle Blogs That Are Actually Worth Reading

Homey Oh My: This space is so clean and bright and white! I’m normally one that’s all for color, but there’s something to be said about the simplicity of neutral. There’s also some beautiful home inspo and really pretty DIYs I’d like to try out.The Crafted Life: So Rachel has pink hair and because of that I already love her.  And her blog is pretty flippin’ awesome too, with all the color and happy things.

Delia Creates: I love the variety of projects posted here. Things like table settings, suspenders, and bathroom renovations…there’s a little something for everyone!

Unusually Lovely: Lots of yummy recipes with some DIYs and little home improvement tidbits mixed in too. Baking & cocktail making are the stars of the show though, and I’m really not mad about it ;)

Design for Mankind: I love Erin’s realness (Is that a word? If not, I just made it up and you’ll just have to go with it!). She writes beautiful posts but makes the point that the online world-in all its glamour and apparent perfection- is not necessarily the real world. Real life is messy, albeit beautiful, and while there are so many wonderful things to blog about, it’s totally ok to not have it totally together!

By Gabriella: Incredible photography and delicious recipes have me coming back to her blog for more and more.

Fun Lifestyle Blogs

100 Layer Cakelet: Probably the most adorable kid’s party blog out there! I love the whimsy, creativity, and wonder. So much fun to explore the site for party, craft, and DIY inspo alike.

A Daily Something: Really pretty and simple. Two of my all-time faves.

Fellow Fellow: This sweet blogger lives in Singapore and has some really fun projects from leather pouches to terrariums to garlands and more.

Pretty Little Party Ideas: It’s always a party on this blog and there’s tons of different ideas including a whole bunch with balloons which are totally my weakness!

I had the best time coming up with this list of 53 Kickass Lifestyle Blogs and I really hope you enjoyed taking a look at them all. I adore each and every one and am so grateful that lifestyle blogging is a thing! It’s been so amazing to bring my passion to life through the blog and I can’t wait to continue to share my blogging adventures with you! Which lifestyle blogs are your favorites?

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