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Birthday party ideas for 60 year olds

Birthday parties for people over 60 years of age tend to be more low key than they were in earlier years. It could be just a family get together at home, a dinner, a special outing or a simple celebration, but the emphasis is more on being with friends and family than on getting together with other people. It’s all about celebrating the individual and their achievements, with friends and relatives gathered together for the day.

The first step in planning your special birthday party is to decide on the style of party you are after. What sort of party will you have? What’s your budget?

A birthday party for a teenager or a young adult could include a number of friends, special music, outdoor activities, and creative games. A 60th birthday party for a family member or close friend might have a more intimate setting, with family members and close friends coming together to celebrate.

A couple of words about entertainment for 60th birthday parties. Try to keep the entertainment suitable for the age group of your party guests. Having a magician, for example, would be fun for some people, but maybe not all.

Idea 1: A Botanical Garden Evening

What you will need: For this birthday party for over 60, you will need a tent, a canopy, lights and lanterns. You will also need a few candles and flowers for the table, or you can make a flower arrangement in a can or in a bottle. You can also make a candle arrangement instead of using real candles. You can get beautiful candle holders that look great and make it easy to put candles in. These candles will keep for a long time and you can use them for other occasions.

You can also have a beautiful star on the table, or a bunch of helium balloons. Your party could have a night garden theme. You can also make a pretty paper lantern and have a balloon in it as well.

This is a great birthday party idea for over 60 if you have a lot of candles. A lot of people do not like using candles in parties, so this is a good way to have beautiful lighting and do not worry about fire. You can use a few candles as well, to set the mood, but this is a great way to be safe.

Idea 2: Picnic Party for 60th Birthday

What you will need: For a birthday party for a 60th, you will need picnic blankets or a picnic basket, paper cups and cutlery and a basket of food. You will also need large checkered tablecloths for the tables and a selection of candles.

You will need a couple of helium balloons and some flowers. You can have lovely roses or some beautiful gerberas for your table. You could have beautiful paper lanterns.

The last thing that you will need is a tin of candles or some table candles. This is the perfect birthday party for over 60 if you are having an outdoor picnic. If you are doing this inside, you can still have a star centerpiece instead of a candle arrangement.

Idea 3: A Dinner and Movie Party

What you will need: For this birthday party, you will need to have a few different types of seating. You could have a long table for dinner, then a few love seats for after dinner drinks. You could also have a projector set up and have a film for entertainment.

You will need a few bottles of wine, a good table lamp, some candles and pretty flowers. You can also have some helium balloons as well. You can have flowers and candle light for your table. You can use a tin of candles or some nice candles to make it easy. You can also make a star centerpiece for your table.

This birthday party is also a great way to celebrate with friends, like a dinner party, but also have a movie, if you have a projector. It will also make it very special. You can do a little bit more if you have room, but this is a wonderful way to celebrate with friends. You can also get popcorn and a candy buffet for your movie.

Idea 4: A Bonfire Birthday Party

What you will need: For this birthday party, you will need some colourful paper lanterns and some tiki torches or some paper bags with some flowers inside. You will need a couple of bottles of wine for your dinner table and a couple of candles. You can have small white tapers or tea light candles for the dinner table.

You will need a couple of helium balloons and some pretty flowers for your table. You can have tin candles or some candles with a nice theme if you like. You can also have a star centerpiece if you want something special.

A bonfire is great for a party, and if you have an outdoor bonfire, you can really celebrate in style. The idea is to have a wonderful time with friends, eating and drinking. The bonfire is an extra. You can also have candles in little cans or bottles and some paper lanterns. You can also have a movie for your guests and a little party store can get you a projector. You can also have some candy or popcorn to go with your movie.

You can do a few things to make your birthday party for over 60 a little more special. You could do a little photo shoot for the guest of honour, and you can also have some nice signs on the tables for your guests. You can have little mats on the table and some pretty flowers in the centre of the table, or you can have a star centerpiece or a flower arrangement in the centre of the table. You can also have some photos of the guest of honour and some of the other people attending the party. These can be put in a frame or you can get a nice large frame and display them for your guests.


Birthday parties don’t have to be flashy and expensive. A great birthday party for over 60 can have just a few extra touches to make it special. You can always do more if you have more money and room to do it, but this is a wonderful way to celebrate the special someone in your life.

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