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Celery Stamped Art Prints

Continuing the veggie stamping experiments this week, I’ve traded in long lengths of wrapping paper for simple poster boards to make these fun art prints for home. There’s a lot said these days about creating cheap art, and with the entire supply list for this project being a poster board, a celery stalk and paint – I think my new favorite celery heart print takes the cake! The sweet nod to love that the celery produces makes it a perfect piece to rest on the dresser in our bedroom.

A few tips for turning vegetable prints into works of art for your home:

First, stick with a single shape in repeat pattern for the most graphic (grown up) look. Introduce an accent color to a monochrome piece to add a whimsical touch. Use a small foam brush to paint the ends of the cut vegetables, instead of dipping them in paint for a clean final look. And framing the pieces in simple black frames will add a sophisticated touch to the art – making them hard to tell if you spent the afternoon painting with celery or blowing your paycheck at the latest indie art exhibit.

Photography in collaboration with Pictilio for A Subtle Revelry.


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