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Confetti Bombs

Confetti Bombs

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! My kids are home today on holiday, not that it’s much different than the last 4 weeks. With Christmas breaks and crazy west coast storms we have yet to have a full day back at school. It feels like we are starting the new year at a lingering pace… which has meant days of great sledding fun.

Confetti Bombs

In all this winter break free time I’ve been binge watching the Mindy Project. While watching this episode, I was reminded how awesome it is to receive glitter, or confetti, or sprinkles in the mail (when it’s not from an x-boyfriend of course).

Confetti Bombs

Then I found this really creative grenade idea that Audrey Stecinjo came up with and all of a sudden I want to send one to everyone I know.

To make your own confetti bomb for Valentine’s Day or really for any day, because it is just that great! You will need:

  • Toy grenades
  • Paint to match your chosen filling
  • Confetti, sprinkles, candy or glitter galore

1. Paint the grenades and allow them to fully dry.

2. Fill the toy grenade with whatever you want to send. Include a note for an adorable Valentine’s idea… something like: “You make my heart explode, or Your love is the bomb“. ;)

Candy Bombs

The idea would also be a fun way to send a creative party invitation. “This party is going to be the bomb!”. Ha! I just can’t get enough of this fun way to send a treat in the mail.

Photo & creative concept credit Audrey Stecinjo/Stocksy United.

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