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Making a festive DIY hydration station

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Getting dorms cute and ready for the year is something I can’t wait to do! The fun of organizing and making even the smallest shoebox of a space festive and special is so great.

When it comes to personalizing your college experience, try creating a cute hydration station with custom water bottles and an easy way to keep all the germs at bay with @Scotchbrite.

To set up an easy-to-clean hydration station, we use the newest Scotch-Brite Soap Control Dishwand from Target. It comes with easy-to-fill soap and has the perfect handle for cleaning those hard-to-reach water bottles. Having clean bottles for hydration will help those college dorm germs not get anywhere near you this year.

And while we are making hydration so important, let’s not forget how cute it can be! Creating our own custom water bottles is an easy way to make a simple task like drinking water more fun.


Stop into your local Target store and pick up a few simple water bottles (they have such a great selection) and a pack of motivational stickers to give a quick and fun pep talk to yourself with every sip of water.

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”s5NpJMWh” upload-date=”2019-08-23T15:03:24.000Z” name=”College hydration station” description=”Making a college hydration station festive with stickers and fun!”]

Place the stickers on the water bottle and just like that, you have a personalized bottle that will make drinking fun and ensure no one confuses your drink with theirs in the cafeteria.


You’re doing great!

You got this!

Because you totally do…

Look how colorful and fun it can be to keep hydrated all fall long. And with a simple go-to cleaning area set up in your dorm, even the most squished space can be bright and ready for all the fun.

Once the bottles are set and you’ve had your water fill, use your Scotch-Brite Soap Control Dishwand to make your dorm room cleanup a breeze. One tool will clean almost anything you can imagine.

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