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Fruity No-Sew DIY Sunglass Case

Inside: DIY sunglass case

It’s almost summer! Which means the sun is out and our sunglasses are in full force around here. I’m excited to carry mine around in style in one of these fruity inspired sunglass cases. The pop of color + fun will make our purses happy all summer long and the cases protect so those favorite sunnies won’t get scratched by the car keys again – not that this is my issue or anything! ;)


DIY sunglass caseFruity No-Sew Sunglass Case

We created a lemon, pear and watermelon case to get us ready for the season of sun and travel ahead. The DIY sunglass cases will also make a sweet gift with a pretty pair of sunglasses tucked inside for mom, besties, or bridesmaids.

Lemon No-Sew Sunglass Case DIY

Fruity No-Sew DIY Sunglass Case

Fruity No-Sew DIY Sunglass Case

To make any of these fruity DIY sunglass cases you don’t even need to sew! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Fabric in multiple colors
  • Fabric glue hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Printer paper
  • Pen
  • Threaded sequins

DIY Sunglass Case Tutorial

How to create this fruity sunglass cases

1. Start by designing a DIY sunglass case guide to trace on the fabric. No matter what kind of fruit you end up designing, it has to be big enough for a pair of sunglasses to fit. So use a pair of sunglasses to estimate how long your guide is going to be. Once you’ve marked the length of a pair of sunglasses, you can now freehand the rest of the guide.

*Note: If free-handing isn’t your thing, print off plain, black and white clipart version of your fruit – but remember, it has to be long enough to fit your sunglasses in!

No-Sew Sunglass Case

2. Cut out the guide and trace two times on the colored fabric you’re going to use.

3. Cut out the two traced fruit shapes. Leave little bit of a “seam” around the traced shape.

4. Line up the two shapes together, and begin gluing them together, being sure to leave an opening. Let the glue cool. Now your DIY sunglass case should be taking shape!

Fruity No-Sew Sunglass Case

Fold over and glue the seams in the opening. Trim off the remaining seam, and refine the shape of your fruit. To create any leaves, seeds, stems, etc., follow steps 1-3, and glue them on both sides of the DIY sunglasses case. Let the glue cool.

To make the “let’s get fruity” DIY sunglasses case, simply use a long piece of threaded sequins to spell out in cursive, “let’s get fruity,” adding dabs of fabric glue as you go along. When you come to the end of a word or letter, cut off the end, and secure it with a dab of fabric glue.

PS. Now how about a little fruit inspired cake to go along.

(Photo concept, design, and photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Amy Larkin).

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