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glitter crafting party

Glitter lined cake

There’s always time for a glitter party! In the midst of our crazy fall, Delta Faucet asked me to participate in their #HappiMess campaign and throw a party. When I combine the words happy and mess, the only thing I can think of is glitter.

So I planned an after school glitter party – we made our own DIY glitter bobby pins, ate an edible glitter cake, the moms enjoyed sparkling drinks, there were taffy filled glitter favor bags, and we has a blast making the most beautiful and happy mess.

DIY glitter bobby pins

Glitter party!

Glitter party

Glitter lined cake

Glitter lined cake

Edible Glitter Striped Cake

The glitter cake was a huge hit! It’s an easy way to make a festive, bright statement at a party. I purchased a plain white frosted cake; if you call your local bakery they should be able to make one without any frills like this for you.

To make the glitter stripes, buy a selection of edible glitter from the craft store baking section. I was pleasantly surprised at the great colors that have evolved with this fun product. If you’ve never used edible glitter before, it is easy to use and tastes like sugar (we also love creating our own sugar glitter layer cake).

Cut strips of wax paper and lay them straight down on the cake, I pushed the paper gently with my finger against the frosting to hold it in place. Then sprinkle the edible glitter making a pretty cake filled with sparkling stripes. Repeat the laying of the wax paper and sprinkling of glitter across the top of the cake. We let our stripes dissolve on the side for an artistic look, but you could easily wrap the paper around the sides to continue to straight-ish lines down the sides of the cake. The lines won’t be perfect (it is glitter after all!) but the look is stellar and crazy simple to create.

Glitter Stripe Cake

Glitter favor bags

Glitter party

diy glitter barrettes

DIY glitter bobby pins


For our craft (because all good play dates need some sort of crafting involved) we had everyone make glitter bobby pins. With my kids in uniforms this year, we are always searching for ways to add sparkle and punch to their outfits. These bobby pins, inspired by are an awesome way to bring the sparkle and you can make a huge lot of them really affordably.

To make the glitter pins, gather bobby pins from your local dollar store. Purchase a couple different pin shapes to make sure everyone has a couple pins they love. Use an adhesive medium – we used Mod Podge to layer on the bobby pins (leave them on the cardboard for this part). Next sprinkle craft glitter over the pins and allow to dry for about 5 minutes. Carefully remove the pins from the cardboard before they dry completely. Finish them off with a light spritz of spray adhesive to hold the glitter firmly in place. Allow the glitter pins to finish drying before gently tapping to remove excess glitter and placing into hair.

Delta Faucet

Between the glitter cake and the glitter pins we had ourselves quite the glitter mess! Thankfully my new Delta Faucet can turn on without even pulling the handle! It is amazing! All that’s needed is a touch of the faucet to turn it on – I can even do it with my elbow or tongue (because of course we tried it with our tongue:).

It is great for a hand filled with messy glitter frosting which happens more often than you’d imagine. The faucet head is large enough to clean out a sink filled with glitter and sticky (because they stepped right in the Mod Podge) feet. I’m honestly in love with this new faucet and the ease it is bringing to my daily party clean up scene.


Delta Glitter party

Delta_AP_Logo (1)

Why do people treat mess like it’s a bad thing? It’s actually the evidence of a life well lived. When you’re out there making, creating, doing and playing, embrace your #HappiMess and let Delta kitchen and bath innovations help clean up so you can do it all again tomorrow.

Compensation was provided by Delta. The opinions expressed and excitement are all mine. Thanks for supporting our site sponsors!

(Photography by Erin Holland for A Subtle Revelry).


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