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lemon favor bags

The grown up lemonade stand I designed for Styled. was complete with bagged favors that incorporated the fruit and lavender used in the lemonade. A recipe card for each guest to recreate the drink at home popped out from the tops. The favors were a sweet way to encourage a continued celebration + I just love how the fruit looks sticking out from the bag ends!

I set the favors out on a side table along with handfuls of twenty-five cent lemonade confetti, which you can download here.

Lemonade favor bags…

* You will need small craft bags or mini-lunch sacks for the favors.
* Cut down both of the bag sides until you have just the center (front and back portions) left.
* Wrap the center bag around your fruit piece and tie off with pretty string or ribbon.
* Print out the lavender lemonade martini tags and stick one inside each favor bag.
* Finish off with a sprig of lavender.

Photography by Carly Taylor.



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