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negative print garland

Making lettered garland is one of the simplest ways to decorate for a party. I decided to turn the trend inside out and make an alphabet’s worth of negative print garland. The impact is more substantial then regular lettered garland alone and I love the bright burst it brings to a simple white space. Just add confetti and a cake and the scene will be easily set for any party.

We created a negative print garland template to make this party project with – download the alphabet garland right here. The printable is made with a font that is thick and we’ve erased all the interior detail, making the letters easy to cut into. Print out the entire alphabet or just the letters you need.

Here’s how to make the garland:

Start by printing out the letters and cutting them out. Center each letter on the colored paper of your choice. Thick scrapbook paper is the best to use for this project wince it holds its shape nicely while hanging on the wall.

Trace each letter in the center of your paper and cut out the inside of the letter – careful, this opposite cutting will make your brain short circuit for a second. Hang the paper on thin string or fishing wire and tape onto the wall of your choice.

negative print garland diy

Negative Type Party Garland

Project photography done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.


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