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Printable Journal Pages – Customize Your Own Templates in 2022!

What is a bullet journal anyway? Why does it have a fancy name?

When you Google “bullet journal” online, you will be met with an assortment of beautifully decorated printable journal pages.

While it’s definitely fun to make your bullet journal template easy on the eyes, it’s not the main purpose of a bullet journal.

Bullet journals are meant to help you stay organized, keep track of your day-to-day activities, and they can give you valuable insight into how you’re allocating your time.

Think of it as a decluttering method for your mind.

Intrigued and excited to start your own? We have some blank bullet journal printable ready that you can personalize below. We also have some cool ideas to help you get started!

What Are Your Printable Journal Pages for?

What Are Your Printable Journal Pages

Before you are able t fully customize your free printable bullet journal pages, you need to first determine what their purpose is.

Once you know what the pages will be used for, you can then determine the length of time they will cover, the overall design, and what to include.

Doing this will help you reach your goals faster.

For example, a bullet journal for tracking a habit will look vastly different from one that tracks your sleep. Here are the questions to ask yourself when you’re designing your bullet journal pdf:

  • What do I aim to achieve with the bullet journal? (tracking habits, staying organized, etc.)
  • How long will the process take? (Do I need a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual log?)
  • What do I need to see on the page to be successful?

Once you have answered these questions, you should then have a general direction of where to start. Let’s get into setting up your very own bullet journal template.

The Core of Your Bullet Journal Template

Core of Your Bullet Journal

The core of our bullet journal template refers to all the fundamental elements you need to include to create a basic outline.

You will find most of these elements in our printable or DIY bullet journal pages, but if any of them are missing, feel free to add them on your own.

Bullet Journal Index

tart with the bullet journal index. An index is important in any long literary work because it gives you an overview of what’s to come and makes it easy to find information.

This is only necessary if you plan on making journaling a habit. If you just want to use a one-off template to track certain temporary activities, you can skip the index.

The index should have the title of the page and the page number it corresponds to.

The Logs (daily, weekly, monthly, or all)

Depending on your activity, you should have an idea of the timeline. For example, drinking more water is an endeavor worthy of a long-haul commitment (in our opinion anyway), so it makes sense if you create bullet journal templates that span a year to track this.

Each page can be a separate weekly or monthly template (daily would be too long) that makes up the year instead of having one big journal page for the whole year.

Whichever length of time you choose, your template should have the following items in some form (pick and choose whatever is necessary):

  • Title
  • The month
  • Page number (for the index)
  • All the days of the month are listed in some way
  • Tasks listed (if necessary)
  • Signifiers
  • A section for tasks completed or unfinished at the end of the month

The Future Log

This part of your bullet journal template works outside the regular logs. This is a section that houses information about things that need to be scheduled in advance or taken into consideration that are outside of the ordinary.

Using our water tracker example, something that may go in the future log could be:

“Have a bladder exam on the 15th, will need to drink more water than usual.”

You can also input this information on the actual day as well, but the future log is a great place to keep all this extra info in one place.

A Note Section

The note section is an added section that gives you space to write anything impromptu that pops up, add comments that motivate you and list out things you need to remember. Of course, you can skip this step if you don’t need it.

Bullet Journal Personalization Ideas

Bullet Journal Personalization

We promised we would give you some fun ideas to get you started. The fun a bullet journal provides is not so much filling out the information as it is making and decorating the template.

The Shape

You do not have to settle for a very basic calendar design. You can create circle trackers, flower trackers, or water droplets.

You can choose to match the theme of your tasks or just pick a pretty shape you like. You can simply cut the page to look like the shape or draw little symbols all over the page.

You can also choose to make each day of the week a cute shape, such as water bottles for a water tracker instead of just a plain square. Now that we have gotten the ball rolling for you, you can let your creativity flow!

The signifiers can be cute bullet points (we are talking about bullet journals, after all) or checkboxes, but why not step it up a notch and

The Letters and Numbers

You will definitely fill the page with letters and numbers aside from cute icons. What’s a way to make regular words and numerals look more fun? Transform them, of course! Use block letters, bubble letters, cursive, anything that tickles your fancy.

Those styles can be transferred to numbers as well. Use Roman numerals for a touch of elegance, or even hands on a clock. Again, this is the creative side of creating bullet journal templates, and nothing is off limits!

Delightful Colors

What makes something stand out more than vivid colors? You can go for a specific theme, such as pastels, neons, or just go with the flow and use all colors of the rainbow spectrum – there are no rules!

You can also choose to keep things simple with a black and white theme, because creativity can be synonymous with simplicity as well.

You can choose to color-code your items as well. For example, use shades of blue for tasks completed and shades of purple for unfinished ones. The purpose of the colors you choose is to create a happy atmosphere on the page.

You want to be excited to use the bullet journal template and not feel a sense of dread that there’s work to do. So, do what you need to make it happen!

It’s all in the Details

The details are where you can really excel and elevate your creation. Add emojis, stickers, stamps, symbols, pictures, anything you need to make your bullet journal template your own.

We personally like to add borders along the edges of the paper because we feel it really ties everything together. Again, there are no limits to what you can do with your journal.

Cool Bullet Journal Ideas

Cool Bullet Journal Ideas

There are so many bullet journal designs out there, with each one being more creative and enticing than the last. Don’t feel intimidated because our design should be one that’s personal to you.

There are plenty of people who thrive on a traditional calendar design without anything special, and others think color-coding is enough.

We have some ideas to share with you that can satisfy both camps as they can each be customized any way you want. You can track anything you like, and we have some examples to get you on your way.

Birthday Tracker

A birthday tracker is used to ensure you never forget another rotation around the sun for a friend or family member. An easy example of a birthday bullet journal tracker is 12 large birthday cakes to symbolize each month of the year.

All you need to do is simply write the birthdays of each person within that month with the date next to it. Of course, you can also plan this in more detail with a single page dedicated to every month so you can add in more details, such as the gifts you are planning to buy.

For colors, we associate bright pastels with birthdays and we would decorate the page with candles, presents, streamers, and balloons.

Water Tracker

Create a Water Tracker Bullet Journal

A water tracker is usually pretty detailed, so you would need a daily or weekly tracker. You can go for monthly as well; just make sure you have enough space for 28 to 31 days.

It doesn’t matter how you want to set it up; just leave space to check off or color when you drink enough water.

The color theme is completely up to you, but usually, we would use blue hues since we are talking about water, after all. Combine the colors with water droplets, mermaids, water bottles, seashells, and anything related to water and the ocean will definitely make your tracker special.

Bullet Period Tracker

Here is a tracker for the ladies. Since it happens once a month, we would highly suggest using a monthly tracker template. Create a unique calendar (maybe with water droplets for each day), and color in the droplets to symbolize the length of your period.

We don’t want to get into too much detail here, but you can use different shades of red for each droplet as well to correspond to the status of your menstruation.

Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker

Habit trackers are the most popular form of a bullet journal, and they also happen to be the most fun to make. We have seen circle habit trackers, flower ones, ones that look like puzzle pieces, and traditional calendars.

The colors and pictures you add will depend on the activity you are tracking, so don’t be afraid to go nuts!

Gratitude Journal

We will give you one last example – the gratitude journal. We firmly believe that our state of mind is largely responsible for our life experiences and how we handle issues. A gratitude journal will help you keep your mind in the right place.

You can have a page decorated with small symbols of everything you appreciate (have at least one for each day of the week). You would color in a new one each day as you recite the things you are grateful for.

As you color in a new one, repeat all the previously colored-in ones as well.

While you repeat this, you can get imaginative with the wording to create your own daily mantra.

Final Takeaway

We wish you good luck in creating the perfect bullet journal templates. If you don’t have time to start from scratch, feel free to use our printable options to save time, but don’t forget to decorate it!

We believe keeping a bullet journal is a healthy habit that will keep you organized, on top of your tasks, and in the right mindset so you’re ready for success!