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Reason to celebrate #83

In case you hadn’t noticed, this new series reasons to celebrate is numbered in a very random fashion. There is honestly no other purpose for this than it was suggested by the husband and it made me smile. Just thought I should mention that;) #83 is the most adorable yet!!!

Animals hiding at the bottom of a cup, best idea ever! How fun right?!? Invite a few friends over to warm up from the cold and treat them to a little bear, fox, or owl surprise underneath their cocoa. Made by Imm living.

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  1. Hah! I really love that they’re in such fancy little teacups too. I’ve seen something similar in the store before but it was in a clunky old mug! These are so whimsical and classy too…

  2. I remember similar ones from my childhood. I had a mug with a little bear in the bottom, was difficult to clean but was such a delight!

  3. Chelsea, the ones above are made of porcelain and are a part of the cup design. However, I LOVE the idea of making little sugar animals to put in the bottom of coffee- how amazingly cute that would be:)

  4. So fun! My grandparents had these when I was a kid. Extra motivation to drink your milk when you’re dying to know if theres a rabbit or a frog at the bottom of your mug!

    I love the random # reasons to celebrate posts! Great idea.

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